Your Pico Silver and colloidal silver questions answered

It’s only been 24 hours since we launched our new Pico Silver Solution and we’re thrilled to see so much interest in this formula and all of the great queries we’re receiving.

Here are some frequently asked questions to help you become informed about Pico-ionic and colloidal silver.

Q. Is Pico Silver Solution to be used daily, like ReMag and ReMyte?

A. We are not suggesting that anyone take Pico Silver daily. A dose of Pico Silver can be taken 1-6 times daily depending on the extent to which you want to support your immune system. It has a very slight metallic taste and can be taken straight on a empty stomach or in water. Pico Silver Solution supports the immune system, and if your immune system requires more support then use more.

Q. Will this Pico Silver Solution interfere with probiotics I’m taking? Should I worry about killing the “good bugs” in my gut by taking silver on a daily basis?

A. As I mentioned above, we are not suggesting that anyone take Pico Silver daily. However, it is part of our Yeast ReSet protocol where you can take it one week per month on rotation with other products that support the immune system. Refer to the ReSet The Yeast Connection ebook, pages 6 and 140  for more information. Page 150 describes the ins and outs of using Pico Silver Solution in more detail.

Q. Can you write more on the pros and cons of colloidal silver? I’ve never used it. I googled, but there was conflicting information.

A. This warrants a longer answer…

There is considerable discussion and controversy regarding whether ionic silver (silver ions) or particulate (colloidal) silver is more efficacious. This discussion has been ongoing for at least 50 years. Fortunately there have been copious amounts of research studies performed on silver solutions, which is why we recommend silver as part of your natural healing defense.

We pride ourselves in taking a great deal of time and care in researching and understanding products and ingredients before we release them for sale to our customer base. Part of our research path is of course searching out and reading unbiased sources of scientific information and research. One site that we were asked about is which contains a lot of really great information about silver. But we absolutely do not view this site as an unbiased source of scientific information about silver. An FDA warning letter (found on Google) for example, reveals that the principal scientist behind, is also the owner of Meso Silver products sold by Purest Colloids Inc. It’s interesting to note that the number one rated silver on their unbiased research website happens to be none other than their own Meso Silver.

The reality is that the ionic form of silver (like our Pico Silver) is the form used in hundreds of clinical studies carried out since the early 1900’s, all of which point to ionic silver’s effectiveness. Regardless, our objective is to always put out the very best product we can with the available research and information we have. Research and comparative studies such as those put out by Rice University and more recent studies have always formed the basis of our research and decision making.

Further, we have access to our own research laboratories and equipment which allows us to duplicate many of the studies we have read as part of our own R&D process. We have conducted our own antibacterial activity tests on different forms and types of silver, including our very own Pico Silver. It is now a well proven fact (reference 100’s of peer reviewed studies on this topic) that it is the silver “ion” that kills germs and heals tissue, and that neutral silver atoms are largely inert and have no bioactivity whatsoever (until converted to ions).

In physics, an element such as silver can only exist as either an atom or as an ion. An ion is an atom that’s missing an electron. It is also well known that silver ions (and all ions) are extremely unstable and that in order to “deliver” them to where you want them you need a method of stabilization. This unique stabilization forms the unique basis of our pico ionic minerals (ReMag, ReMyte, ReCalcia) and Pico Silver Solution.

As mentioned, our objective is to always put out the very best product we can with the available research and information we have. We have spent months and even years developing our products, including our Pico Silver Solution. We are very pleased with the result of our efforts.

While not the only source of unbiased information, we always recommend Peer Reviewed studies. Here’s a good starting point for silver research.

About Nanotechnology and Pico Silver:

It’s important to understand that nanotechnology definitions are broad, and can be confusing. While our particles can be measured in picometers or nanometers, our products are not engineered using nanotechnology, nanotechnology creates particles that are ENGINEERED at the nanoscale level. Our Pico Ionic Minerals are the result of a stabilization process and natural equilibrium state between ions and metal particles (silver), water, oxygen, and many other factors. All minerals are metals and all minerals found in the blood are in the form of ions. The body is well equipped to handle minerals in the form nature intended, and this is true of silver also. While our minerals are stabilized and ready for immediate cellular absorption, they are 100% natural and pose no threat to the body.

I hope this clears up your questions about Pico Silver Solution. But if we receive more, we’ll be sure to address them.

In the meantime, think about keeping a bottle of Pico Silver on hand. You can find more information or just order a bottle on the Pico Silver Solution page at:


Dr. Carolyn Dean