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This month Dr. Dean will be talking with ROBY MITCHELL, M.D.  Roby graduated with honors from Texas Tech University School of Medicine in Lubbock, Texas. While attending Texas Tech, he was selected to be the first medical student in an exchange program with Jinan University Medical School in mainland China. This was Dr. Mitchell’s first exposure to Alternative Therapies. Dr. Mitchell also studied Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine at the University of Alberta, Canada. While at Texas Tech, he was awarded a Fellowship in Cardiovascular Pharmacology and did Ph.D. work under the world-renowned Physiologist PKT Pang, Ph.D. Dr. Mitchell worked with Dr. Pang on the Patho-Physiology of Hypertension.

Following his residency, Dr. Mitchell became an ER Physician. It was during this time that he developed hypertension and arthritis. Suffering from severe side effects from the prescription medications, he revisited the philosophies he had learned in China of biochemical rebalancing with diet and supplements and was able to improve both conditions.

This led him to search for doctors trained in nutritional medicine. The first step was studying nutritional medicine with pioneer Hugh Riordan, M.D., in Wichita, Kansas at the Center for Healing Arts. Then, he studied Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy with Oprah’s favorite Gynecologist, Christiane Northrup, M.D. In 1994, he attended one of the famous Wright/Gaby lecture series conducted by Jonathan Wright, M.D. and Alan Gaby, M.D. This was a pivotal point for Dr. Mitchell as he developed a lasting friendship with Dr. Wright as well as falling under his mentorship. Building on this foundation over the years, Dr. Mitchell has become an authority on Nutritional Medicine and Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapies in his own right

In addition to his many alternative medicine protocols, Dr. Mitchell has recently embarked on extensive studies on autism and has some promising information to share. Dr. Mitchell is also a true fan of magnesium and an even bigger fan of Dr. Carolyn Dean! With so much in common, this evenings broadcast will be just the right medicine for all our listeners!


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