Magnesium Deficiency – Pathogenesis of Disease – Carolyn Dean MD ND LIVE


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The importance of magnesium sufficiency to human health is as readily overlooked today in 2018 as is it was in 1980 when magnesium researcher Mildred Seelig wrote her landmark thesis, Magnesium Deficiency in the Pathogenesis of Disease. In this comprehensive book, she begins in the life of a fetus and traces magnesium deficiency through its progression from a mild disturbance to an epic factor in human mortality.

The signs and symptoms of magnesium deficiency are vast. Some are subtle, while others can cause serious health problems. Many people who have a deficiency don’t even know it, and a lot of health issues are blamed on something else or remain unexplained if a potential magnesium deficiency is overlooked.

In today’s world, it’s all too easy to become magnesium deficient. You can have a magnesium deficiency if you don’t consume enough of the nutrient in your diet or if your body doesn’t absorb enough when it goes through your system. Other things, like consuming too much alcohol, sugar, and certain medications can also deplete your body’s magnesium. Finally, magnesium is depleted through consistent vigorous exercise like running marathons, doing cross fit and biking – something many health activists do to stay healthy!

Our very own Dr. Carolyn Dean has built on the work of Dr. Seelig and has extended her work, so to speak, into the worlds of public education and practical application. And, while it is well-proven by Dr. Dean, Dr. Seelig, and many others that magnesium deficiency, alone and in combination with agents that interfere with its utilization, is associated with functional and structural abnormalities of mem­branes, cells, organs, and systems that lead to disease and mortality, 80% of American’s remain magnesium deficient.


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