Starved of minerals and full of yeast

I’ve been saying it for many years: most health conditions are the result of mineral deficiency or yeast overgrowth.

But when you put both of these factors together, you get a downward spiral of worsening health symptoms that I call Total Body Meltdown.

Here’s one of our many customers who was able to reverse the trend of Total Body Meltdown by giving the body the minerals it required to do its job of detoxification and rejuvenation.


I had histamine intolerance for 14 years. I was researching my strange symptoms years ago before these things became mainstream. I had very dry eyes that accompanied the histamine intolerance, along with headaches, brain fog and a nervous anxiety. I also had IBS – C and an irregular menstrual cycle. I found various supplements to help me through, such as garlic, allicin, fish oil and flaxseed oil, but nothing helped… until I started taking ReMag and ReMyte!  

At first, the magnesium alone gave me a bit of a reaction, so I read your advice about adding ReMyte along with it, and amazingly all problems reversed over the matter of weeks and months.  

The last stubborn thing was my IBS-C, so I viewed one of your videos on YouTube and it said to add ReAline. Guess what? IBS-C is now corrected too!  

I did get small reactions in the first few days. I think my body was starved of minerals and full of yeast for so long that when I opened my detox pathways I got some quick detox, but stuck with it and the die-off type of symptoms were gone after a few days or so!

I can’t believe it–years of research and supplements, and this was all I really ever needed. I have recently bought a website domain to tell my story and share the good news!  Everyone needs to know about magnesium and mineral deficiency!




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Dr. Carolyn Dean