ReAline – Building Blocks to Detox – Carolyn Dean MD ND

ReAline Carolyn Dean MD ND 2020 Final

This booklet is about ReAline. Dr. Carolyn Dean describes the elegance of its formulation and the wisdom behind its effectiveness.  It’s a very gentle detoxifier and a unique B vitamin complex that is both food-based and methylated.

ReAline’s formula of B vitamins and amino acids provides the perfect building blocks to enhance and assist the body in detoxifying chemicals, heavy metals, and toxins.

Instead of forcing the body with purges or IV chelation, methionine promotes the production of glutathione, the body’s most important antioxidant. Having methionine on hand allows the body to make glutathione as needed.

If you are interested in daily detox and learning the body’s mechanisms for doing so – you’ll enjoy reading the ReAline  booklet.


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    • Hello, Sherri – yes, you can take ReAline which contains sulfur amino acids like those found in eggs and garlic! Not a problem!!!

    • Hello, Gerri – here the thing – yes, it can help and it may also not help at all – it depends on if it’s coming from nerve damage, sustained, or just an imbalance. Give it a try – nothing to lose, for sure!

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