When the Standard American Diet is not enough

Most customers tell us ReStructure is The Best meal replacement/protein powder they have ever tasted. They say they feel satisfied for many hours after drinking it, and that it gives them clarity, energy, and stamina. One customer even called it “Rocket Fuel”.

I can sit here and tell you how I formulated ReStructure to be the most digestible dietary supplement on the market and how it contains all 21 amino acids, a prebiotic formula to stimulate the growth of healthy gut bacteria, has a low Glycemic Index to make it ideal for diabetic diets, and on and on…

But how can you tell if this is more than just hype, from the other side of the screen? Well, the best I can do is share stories straight from the mouths of our other customers who have acted as your test ambassadors and tried it for themselves. Here’s one such story.


If you just want something quick, the cost of a couple decent breakfast burritos or breakfast sandwiches is triple the cost of ReStructure. And, I can mix this up, drink it on the way to work instead of coffee.

In my life, my body has always felt like there was something missing in my diet for which I’ve taken all kinds of supplements and drinks. My first impressions are that ReStructure is a key part of a total program designed to take care of what I’ve been missing.

I am confident there is more thought put into this meal replacement than any others out there that I’ve tried in the past. After using previous products for a while, I just want to stop – there seemed to be something in them to hype you up, to make you think it’s doing you good when it’s actually doing the opposite. But this drink [ReStructure] doesn’t do that. It just works.

– Ron P.


The foods of the Standard American Diet no longer contain sufficient nutrition to give your body what it needs to stay vibrant and disease-free. So, even if you already consider yourself healthy, you may want to start investing in your future health by giving it a complete dietary supplement.

If you’re wondering how ReStructure creates real nourishment and energy in the body, head over here to read the nutrition facts and ingredients:

And for the whole story, I even created an e-book all about ReStructure. It even contains mealtime tips to help you make the most of your meals. You can download it here [PDF]:

If you just want to test the waters, there’s also an individual serving ReStructure packet for only $1.99, which you can find here:


Dr. Carolyn Dean
RnA ReSet