You probably didn’t know silver could do this

After reading “A Feasibility Study of Silver Dihydrogen Citrate For Use as a Nutritional Supplement”, published January 29, 2007, I learned some interesting features of this safe and effective metal that may help you on your health journey.

First of all, silver has the highest electrical conductivity of any metal. This makes is a special element as it relates to the electrolytes in the human body – the most important one being magnesium. The body has many ways of putting silver to use as a catalyst for key functions. In fact, the body needs to store a more concentrated level of silver than what the environment provides.

Upon entering the bloodstream, silver ions circulate through the tissues of the body, as well as the bones which are difficult to treat with antibiotics, where it neutralizes a host of different microorganisms without damaging human cells.

Another great aspect of silver is that it acts as a catalyst for the repair of damaged tissues by stimulating the return of stem cells to their original embryonic state. In scientific studies, tissue growth occurred at a rate that was at least five to six times faster than treatment without silver.

One study concluded that, “the smaller the particle of silver, the more effective it is in the body.” Well, that is great news because our very own Pico Silver consists of stabilized picometer ions that are equivalent to the nanoparticles used in this study! You can access the whole study here:

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Dr. Carolyn Dean
RnA ReSet