5 Magnesium Myths webinar and special offer!

Ginney and I hosted a webinar that cut through the sea of conflicting information on magnesium. We also presented a limited-time offer on ReMag®The Magnesium Miracle. Read on to find out more.

When it comes to supplements it’s critical to know fact from folklore, or else you could find yourself even more mineral deficient and frustrated. That’s why I created this webinar: to bust the 5 most common myths about magnesium.

After watching this video, you’ll know how to spot misinformation on magnesium and have a clear picture of the role magnesium plays in helping you achieve your health goals.

Even if you attended, you’ll probably need to re-watch and pause the video as you comfortably digest the wealth of information and all the viewer questions I answered.

View the video replay right now by clicking on this link:

BONUS: At the end of the webinar we give you a link to a one-time special offer where you can save 30% on 16 oz bottles of ReMag. Watch the video to the end to get the link to the coupon code!

ReMag’s stabilized ions are completely absorbed by cells. These picometer-sized magnesium ions readily enter cells and are immediately able to support your body. There’s simply nothing else like it.

At 30% off, now is the best time to try this industry-leading formula.

Here’s what one of our customers reported after trying ReMag:


I have used ReMag for several months and leg cramps have been eliminated. When travelling, for convenience, I tried magnesium citrate and I developed loose stools so I quit. ReMag is the best! Thanks for your good work.  



Remember, you must watch the webinar to receive the link to the special offer at the end. Hurry, because offer is limited to the first 1000 customers!

So, click below to watch the webinar:


Dr. Carolyn Dean

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