RnA ReSet Drops Webinar replay and special offer

Yesterday, Ginney and I hosted a webinar celebrating the 144th generation of the RnA ReSet Drops™ (formerly known as RnA Drops). We also presented a limited-time offer on RnA ReSet Drops, ReNew Skin Serum and ReBob. Read on to find out more.

If you’ve ever wondered what the RnA ReSet Drops are, or what they are intended to do, then tune in to the replay video to discover:

  • There’s more to health than what science dictates
  • The role of homeopathy and energy in healing the body
  • Origins of the RnA ReSet Drops formula
  • The amazing thing that happens when food crops are fed the RnA ReSet Drops
  • The mystery behind the name “RnA” and the symbols on the bottle

At the end of the webinar we’ll give out a special offer. It’s the perfect companion to the information I’ll be sharing in the webinar, so be sure to watch or you’ll miss out.

Even if you attended, you’ll probably need to re-watch and pause the video as you digest the wealth of information and all the viewer questions we answered.

View the video replay right now by clicking on this link:


BONUS: At the end of the webinar we give you a link to a one-time special offer where you can save 30% on RnA ReSet Drops, ReNew Skin Serum, and ReBob!

The RnA ReSet Drops are a formula like nothing else on this planet. If you believe that there is more to your body than what the medical institutions say there is, then you will want to learn more about this unique substance and what it means for your well being.

And, at 30% off, now is the best time to try this one of a kind formula.

Here’s what one of our customers reported after trying the RnA ReSet Drops:


I work in a lab in a coal mine, I just don’t worry about the toxins anymore on the RnA ReSet Drops. In fact I don’t worry about anything anymore.

And, the RnA ReSet Drops must be changing my immediate environment, apart from being surrounded by coal the land is like a desert, with nothing growing.

But now I have tomatoes growing outside my Lab.

They’ve just turned red and everyone’s scratching their heads.


Note, you must watch the webinar to receive the link to the special offer at the end. Hurry, because offer is limited to the first 2000 customers!

So, click below to watch the webinar:


Dr. Carolyn Dean


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