Doctor-to-Doctor: Dr. Jason Fung with Dr. Carolyn Dean


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The Doctor-to-Doctor Radio Series continues today, November 5,  with a powerful medical doctor and health advocate that everyone will enjoy listening to and learning from.

Tonight Dr. Dean will be talking with Dr. Jason Fung. Dr. Fung grew up in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and went to the University of Toronto at age 17 to begin studies in Biochemistry. By 23, Dr. Fung completed medical school at the U of T and began his Internal Medicine residency there. Finishing his specialty of Internal Medicine, Dr. Fung chose Nephrology (kidney disease) as his sub-specialty.

Dr. Fung started his career in Nephrology in Toronto where he still has both an office and hospital practice. Type 2 diabetes is by far and away the leading cause of kidney disease, and Dr. Fung treats many hundreds of patients with this disease. Many of his patients also suffer from obesity. By the early 2010s Dr. Fung’s interest in nutrition, combined with his professional focus on obesity and Type 2 diabetes had led him directly to the diabesity puzzle.

Dr. Fung is solving his puzzle, one piece at a time and has become one of the world’s most well-recognized experts on a world-leading expert on intermittent fasting and low carb, especially for treating people with type 2 diabetes. He has written three best-selling health books and he co-founded the Intensive Dietary Management program based in Toronto.

Dr. Fung joins us this evening with armed with valuable for every individual. WE ARE NOT DESIGNED TO BE CHRONICALLY ILL! Dr. Fung brings a valuable perspective to the discussion of ALL inflammatory-related conditions and diseases along with practical solutions for all.


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