Bumps and bruises don’t have to linger

Bumps and bruises don’t last long in nutrient sufficient bodies. When the cells and organs have an adequate supply of the minerals that are lacking in even the most optimized diets, your tissues can recover more quickly.

 I missed a step and fell at a gas station – hit the cement on the right side of my forehead.

A friend drove me to the ER as my bump was the size of a jumbo egg. The ER doctor did a scan. I had a hematoma and a concussion but no internal bleeding or fracture.

10 days later, my GP was amazed that the area was healed with no discoloration nor a black eye.  She asked if I had a headache: No. Dizziness? No. Nausea? No.

Fuzzy thinking? No.

She concluded that I healed much better than her patients in their 20s and 30s. Their problems last longer, for weeks and months.

That’s because I take ReMag, ReMyte and RnA ReSet Drops and bathe my brain in good fats from a Keto diet.

Thank you, Dr Dean, for your wonderful products and sage advice


The best thing you can do to create more resilient tissues is to give your body highly absorbed minerals that are included in the Total Body ReSet Bundle. That way, your cells receive these key minerals and nutrients in a form they easily assimilate and don’t simply flush out.

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Dr. Carolyn Dean