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Once again Dr. Carolyn Dean is right on time with a special handbook designed to provide you with safe, natural alternatives to manage your health and the health of your family during cold and flu season.

We’re going to talk about these resources in great detail on tonight’s weekly radio show.  I hope you can join us.

Every year the flu vaccine turns out to be less and less effective. If you google “2017-2018 flu season” you are hit with scary headlines that tell you to be very afraid of the flu, to get vaccinated, and to take antiviral medications. The fear instilled by the media who think they are  “warning the public” is enough to make you sick because they have no real solutions!

Yet, when you google “2017-2018 flu vaccine” the headlines claim that this season’s flu shots are less effective than usual. And that’s saying something because Dr. Dean wrote a detailed blog that in general flu vaccines don’t work and their effectiveness is somewhere between 4-6%!

In natural medicine, we think of colds and flu as the body’s way of eliminating mucus. In Total Biology, colds and flu are evidence of resolution of conflict. The mucus builds up due to excessive eating or poor eating habits, lack of rest, overwork, temperature changes, conflict, worry or climate changes as in the fall and spring. To remedy this, eat wholesome foods and get enough rest. At the onset of seasonal weather changes, take hot and cold showers to acclimatize the skin. Short thirty-second blasts of cold will do.

If a cold or flu begins, don’t fight it and don’t get mad. Take some time off, rest and heal. If you go to work, you bring your germs for others to share. If you take medications, you just put more toxins into your system and the drugs won’t really help because viruses, which are not killed by antibiotics, cause 90% of colds and flu. If anything, drugs suppress the condition and drive it deeper into your system, so it potentially can come back later in a more virulent form. Antibiotics also encourage the overgrowth of yeast, which causes more problems.

First aid, supplements, homeopathy and good old common sense all factor into the treatment and prevention of colds and flu and tonight on our internet based radio show, we’ll be talking with Dr. Carolyn Dean about how to Prepare for Cold and Flu Season along with a wide range of health topics and safe solutions. You will love hearing the beneficial interactions with our callers and hosts alike including the body/mind connection, identifying the ‘conflict’ in the ‘conflict basis’ of disease and much more!!


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