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Tonight  Dr. Dean will be joined by two amazing, visionary women who have dedicated their work and lives to the practice of homeopathy – a specific paradigm within natural medicine that can be a highly effective approach to health and wellness. In our first hour, we’ll be joined by Paola Brown, President of Homeopathy Choice, a non-profit organization dedicated to advocating for the rights of consumers and professionals to use and have access to homeopathy. We’ll learn about her own journey of health recovery using homeopathic remedies and her charge to protect homeopathy and its practice from being disrupted by the FDA. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has proposed new guidelines for homeopathic remedies that would give it the power to ban properly formulated homeopathic products currently legal under the Food Drug & Cosmetic Act which governs the FDA.

In hour two, we’ll be joined by Mary Aspinwall,  a Classical Homeopath (registered with the North American Society of Homeopaths) and CEASE practitioner. She has helped thousands of people return to health since she began her practice in 1995. Mary studied at the College of Homeopathy in London and is a graduate of The Dynamis School of Advanced Homeopathy, the world’s leading organization involved in testing new homeopathic remedies.

Mary designed a range of homeopathy kits that are international bestsellers and has spent the past 20 years educating the public as a professional speaker, teacher, and advocate. She is a former national spokesperson for the Irish Society of Homeopaths and currently offers her services as an expert contributor in the U.S. She is the author of Basic Guide to Homeopathy, editor of The Clinical Medicine Guide, and regular columnist for Homeopathy Today.

Let’s also remember that our very own Dr. Carolyn Dean has an amazing journey with homeopathy, being one of the only doctors who worked successfully with homeopathic remedies and AIDS patients in the 1990s.  Dr. Dean’s passion for homeopathy and her determination to remain forever on the leading edge of medicine has been incorporated into many of her protocols and can even be considered part of the inspiration behind the development of the RnA Drops!


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    I am a doctoral student studying magnesium and I would love to ask a question about testing .


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