Countering a natural health crisis

If you tuned into yesterday’s Dr. Carolyn Dean LIVE! radio show, you heard Ginney and I announce the launch of our new homeopathic kit and its accompanying guidebook.

I am increasingly disturbed about the quality of remedies and supplements in the marketplace. Clorox, Nestle, and Big Pharma are intent on buying up the most prosperous and reputable supplement companies and I am concerned for the ongoing quality and accessibility of non-drug health solutions.

My answer to this crisis is to add to our Completement Formula line an outsourced Homeopathic Kit that gives you 36 remedies at your fingertips to use for mild to moderate health challenges. And, my free Homeopathic Guidebook will help you learn about each remedy and when to apply it. It’s the next step in taking charge of your body and and being the healthy person you were born to be.

Homeopathy Basic is a most versatile homeopathic remedy kit. It contains a full 36 remedies (30C potency) in tiny vials containing about 36 pellets. One pellet equals a dose, so you have 36 doses per vial. My Guidebook will show you how you can Graft a few pellets into a whole new vial making your remedies last forever!

You can find the Homeopathy Basic Kit here for just $69.99 + shipping:

You can also download the free guidebook that accompanies the kit here:


Dr. Carolyn Dean