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  1. I was very pleased to see Dr Reg in this study.
    I used to have him speak for my group of clients in the 90’s with a certain glycinutrient (mannose that’s found in human breast milk). He’s an amazing
    person – just like Dr. Dean! 😉 (The study shows Dr McDaniels, but we addressed him as Dr Reg! I still have his Fisher Institute magazines from
    the 90’s! Lol) So Yes, I do agree! Dr. Dean’s
    pico-silver delivers the one-two punch at the slightest notice of a throat tickle, etc. I also use it for eye drops on those devastating smokey fire days in the Sierras in California. Anyone who (still!) lives near this CA Sierra fire ordeal, please use the silver. It really is a tremendous help! Thanks Dr Dean!

  2. Where was it originally published & by whom?

    It discusses the efficacy of silver dihydrogen citrate. Does that imply that Pico Silver actually contains silver dihydrogen citrate? It’s not mentioned on the label as containing citrate or citric acid.

  3. Hello, Matthew – thank you for your questions This is a compilation of research conducted and the clinical references for each are indicated. Jim Mackay was involved with the promotion of the SDH and when he started using Pico Silver he noticed the likenesses and shared it with Dr. Dean. As we mentioned, Pico Silver is not SDH but rather a picometer size ion of stabilized silver and the similarities – vis a vi say Kleenex and tissue – we enough that Dr. Dean wanted to share this information. As per usual, all information is provided as a courtesy and none of our product has any claim to treat or cure a disease.

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