Adrenal Fatigue – ReSet and ReCover the Dr. Dean Way!

Hour One – 2-4-2019
Hour Two – 2-4-2019

Conventional medicine has a very narrow definition of adrenal function that swings between the two extremes of the adrenals being “entirely normal” or “totally destroyed.” Recently a customer reported that her endocrinologist scoffed at her saliva cortisol levels and her questions about her weakening adrenals and said, ‘the adrenals either work or they don’t work’. At the point they don’t work, he said he would give her a prescription for replacement hormones (synthetic).

In natural medicine we observe the adrenal glands usually function in between those two extremes due to many physical and emotional stresses that can strain the adrenal glands and diminish one’s reserve. Because the only solution that allopathic medicine knows is hormone replacement, they don’t recognize the need for mineral and vitamin support for the adrenals to prevent them from failing. When someone exhausts their adrenal glands through compulsive exercise, this is called “overtraining.” When someone eats a high sugar meal, the blood sugar soars and then crashes. The crash triggers adrenalin to push the blood sugar back to normal, which depletes the adrenals over time. The adrenal glands’ job is to keep the blood sugar levels constant but when they wear down, hypoglycemia can occur. When irregular spurts of adrenalin flood the body, anxiety and panic attacks are diagnosed. In none of these cases is the true cause of symptoms identified as adrenal depletion. Conventional medicine does not recognize adrenal depletion possibly because there is no prescription medication for weakened adrenals. There is only treatment for complete adrenal collapse – hydrocortisone. However, in natural medicine, the building blocks for repairing the adrenal glands are nutrients that are beyond the scope of conventional medicine. Unfortunately, when people who suffer from over exercising, hypoglycemia and panic attacks go to their medical doctor for a diagnosis they are given a prescription for antidepressants and anti-anxiety medication but not what they really need.

The adrenals don’t stand alone, so in order to balance your adrenals you also have to address your thyroid and your sex hormones. Dr. Dean calls it a three-sided stool. When one of the legs of the stool is shortened, it affects the other two. This can be seen on blood testing; when cortisol levels go up, thyroid hormone levels go down. There is an ongoing debate among natural medicine practitioners about what comes first, adrenal fatigue or thyroid insufficiency and what do you treat first? I think it’s a moot point because they are not looking at one of the main causes of both conditions – mineral deficiency, which means you can and must treat the two conditions simultaneously. Treating disease in a linear format, one thing at a time, is not consistent with the way the body works, where everything is interrelated and works synergistically.

Tonight on her internet based radio show, Dr. Dean will be talking about Adrenal Fatigue – ReSet and ReCover along with a wide range of health topics and safe solutions. You will love hearing the beneficial interactions with our callers and hosts alike including the body/mind connection, identifying the ‘conflict’ in the ‘conflict basis’ of disease and much more!!

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