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You may have been trying for years to resolve chronic health symptoms and, yet, still not realized that one of the undiagnosed triggers might be yeast overgrowth. Through reading this book, you will be armed with all the knowledge necessary to take on Candida and be well on your way to living a life free from the toxic effects of Yeast Overgrowth Syndrome.


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  1. I come to this community with part of my indoctrination background being of the Blood Type Diet, wherein I was a Type A-positive and also something else called a non-secretor. Non-secretors are apparently very susceptible to yeast overgrowth, and indeed I was in fact born with thrush.

    Apparently those with the non-secretor gene, like myself, are genetically unable to mass-produce and secrete off into the endothelial mucosa, our glycoprotein blood type antigens, which are actually a source of food for maintaining active colonies of probiotic bacteria in our large intestines. As a result, candida yeast colonies are free to overgrow in our bowels, and this is something I’ve been dealing with all my life.

    Another aspect of being a non-secretor is that apparently we have poor membrane transport in general, and part of that means that we produce very low levels of something called alkaline phosphatase, which to my understanding is very much responsible for helping to transport calcium, in particular, into our bodies from the food we eat, inside the intestines. And so I wonder if this is a reason I tend to stay so young-looking while my peers seem to have all aged very much, and badly at that.

    I was diagnosed with dairy allergy at age four, and have known all my life that cow’s milk dairy is my kryptonite, and so I grew up having to drink soy-baed infant formula, which has a taste I actually greatly prefer to the soapy taste of cow’s milk anyhow. Of course, I still had many health problems even though I generally avoided milk, and it wasn’t until I was in my 30s that I also got a diagnosis that I have celiac disease and so am also extremely upset by wheat products.

    Finally, from National Geographic’s Genographic Project I took their mitochondrial DNA test in 2012 and got the results back that my mtDNA haplogroup is J*, which apparently means I have poor electron transport chain coupling that produce more heat than usable ATP, but which also suits me ideally to cold climates where I supposedly age more slowly than the average person and stay in better health.

    Anyhow, that’s my background. I also developed Fuch’s Dystrophy a couple of years ago, which I think developed from my extreme overconsumption of iced tea (I briefly developed kidnsy stones which I eliminated by drinking CALM) and stinging nettles for my wheat and dairy allergies.

  2. Hello! Thank you for posting your comments and sharing your health journey with us. You are welcome here! Dr. Dean is a proponent of the Blood Type Diet and we know many individuals who have been successful restoring the body using this method. Best of health to you!

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