Don’t flush this miracle mineral down the toilet

Did you know that doctors use magnesium as a laxative for patients who suffer from severe or chronic constipation? The reason this works is that unabsorbed magnesium particles relax your bowels and pull water into your intestines, and next thing you know, you’re running to the bathroom!

That’s great if you are constipated. If not, then you’re just flushing magnesium down the toilet, which also means you’re flushing money down the toilet. How much? The better part of $3 to $4 for each ounce of magnesium supplement consumed.

If you want to enjoy the beneficial effects of magnesium I describe in The Magnesium Miracle, you’re not going to want it to act as a laxative. Instead, you’ll want every magnesium particle to be absorbed by your cells so that it can go where it’s needed most (eg. Detoxification enzymes in the liver; the Krebs cycle that produces energy; relaxing muscles and tissues). And the most amazing thing about fully absorbed magnesium is that it helps the intestinal muscle relax naturally so that normal peristaltic function makes constipation a thing of the past!

Here’s another customer who reports that ReMag® didn’t cause the laxative effect that other forms of magnesium did. Plus, his body told him when it was ready for more.


My wife got me turned on to this stuff and it has been an amazing journey. We used to take another magnesium supplement but it definitely had the laxative effect.

The taste is a little tough to conquer at first but the craziest thing I have experienced is that sometimes I actually like the taste. The only way I can rationalize it my head is when my body is magnesium deficient my body craves it, so my brain enjoys the taste. No idea if this is the case but it’s how I think about it.




ReMag® was formulated to be 100% absorbed at the cellular level. This puts it in a league of its own when it comes to magnesium supplements. So, if you’re serious about keeping your body magnesium sufficient, ReMag® is the gold standard.

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Dr. Carolyn Dean