Sleep your way to better health

Do you struggle to get to sleep or to enjoy uninterrupted sleep through the whole night? Maybe your body is trying to tell you it is deficient in one crucial mineral.

We receive many testimonials about people sleeping better due to the relaxation effects of ReMag® – The Magnesium Miracle®. Here are a few examples.


At this point everything feels good with the products! I’ve used magnesium for years as a sleep supplement, as well as a post gym workout muscle relaxant! The first thing I’ve noticed with ReMag is no laxative effect! Remyte  is also excellent at electrolyte balancing! I’ve been following Dr. Dean for some time & believe in her approach to healthy living!

My challenge is convincing my skeptical wife of the benefits of RnA ReSet! She thinks I’m a supplement junkie, but the proof is in how one feels! I feel young, whereas my wife used to feel young!



The very day that I reached 2 tsp of ReMag, I started sleeping in 6-hour stretches (instead of 2-hours) and sleeping much deeper! I still can’t believe it, 9 months later. My endurance is up. My immunity is improved. I FEEL 10 years younger. Friends say I LOOK younger and my eyes are brighter. My hairdresser says I have LESS gray hair coming in. Now this seems crazy impossible, but it is true. I continue to read Dr. Dean’s materials and listen to the weekly radio show to learn more, and I am also using other RnA  products. So thankful.



A very nice nightcap!

I’ve only been using ReMag Lotion a short time at night before going to bed. As a magnesium supplement, I find that it really pays “dividends” in my morning ritual. I used to go back and forth with diarrhea and constipation, but no more. I recommend this lotion without reservation.



I believe that the underlying reason for most sleep disorders is magnesium deficiency and magnesium is my first recommendation to anyone who can’t sleep properly.

If your muscles are tight and cramping, then it’s very difficult to drop into a deep enough sleep to give you a complete rest. Then, if you have emotional issues you are trying to sort out, those worries can also keep you awake. Even your dreams can be affected as you are trying to work out your problems in dreamtime.

Magnesium is a genuine muscle relaxant so it only makes sense that you can use it to massage into your skin. A combination of tension, toxins and too little magnesium in the diet has turned many of us into spinning tops of tension. That’s why I recommend ReMag Lotion to relax your muscles.

So, if you want to stop magnesium deficiency from robbing you of sleep, pick up a bottle today, for just $29.99 + shipping.


Dr. Carolyn Dean