The best sleep aid you can find

Most people are working more and sleeping less, and staying up late can cause health problems that they aren’t even aware of. When sleep eludes them, they turn to alcohol or go to their doctor and become addicted to sleeping pills.

Insomnia has become a serious problem for many people and drugs don’t seem to offer a long-term solution. There are about 100 drugs approved for insomnia by the FDA, and none have been studied for long term effects. At least with the alcoholic nightcap… people knew what they were taking.

There are countless causes of insomnia and many of them are either due to a magnesium deficiency or treatable with a highly absorbable supplement.

So of course, even better than drugs and alcohol is magnesium. When taking magnesium, insomnia is one of the first symptoms to be alleviated. Even people who sleep well report a deeper, more satisfying sleep when they are saturating their body with magnesium.

What can magnesium do specifically to help you sleep, you ask?

  1. Help detoxify sleeping medication, which is really important because after a while sleep medication can paradoxically keep you awake, so you have to wean off it and detoxify from it.
  2. Regulate melatonin production (your brain’s natural sleep hormone)
  3. Produce serotonin during the day, the “feel-good” brain chemical (which is necessary to ensure you produce melatonin at night.
  4. ​Support stressed adrenal glands so they aren’t active when you want to be sleeping.
  5. Remove the tension from your muscles to allow you to deeply relax.
  6. Prevent constipation and intestinal muscle cramping so your bowels can rest at night
  7. Relieve symptoms of PMS, perimenopause and menopause (which can keep many women awake).
  8. Reduce back and joint pain which are major sleep disruptors.

That’s why, before any other sleeping remedy (natural or otherwise), make sure you’re getting as much magnesium as you need. When someone says they tried magnesium for their sleep and it didn’t work, then usually they’re not taking enough, which can be due to taking a form of magnesium that is not fully absorbed. So, learn about the 4 things you should check before buying magnesium.

Either way, try magnesium before anything else. It is usually the safest, most effective option for improving your sleep.


Dr. Carolyn Dean

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