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Should I Do a Spring Cleanse?

During the winter, many people don’t get enough fresh air, exercise, and sunlight. They also eat heavier foods in order to keep warm and comfortable. So, doing a spring cleanse makes a lot of sense. Just like you get your home and garden ready for spring activities,  spring cleansing prepares your heavier body for lighter, warmer weather.

Spring Cleansing Tips

A good spring cleanse is the Yeast ReSet. This a very simple and effective program where you:

  1. Eliminate foods that feed the yeast in your body and tax your digestion
  2. Add foods that feed your body and not the yeast (See Chapter 5 for detailed instructions.)
  3. Support your body with a good probiotic and the detoxification drink found in Chapter 6
  4. make sure that you hydrate with half your body weight in pounds in ounces of water with 1/4 teaspoon of sea or Himalayan salt in every 32 ounces of water you drink
  5. Supplement your food with needed basic nutrients that the Completement Formulas provide.

Do You Have Product Recommendations?

At the moment, I currently recommendRestoreas the probiotic, because my soil-based probiotic, Flora Revive, is not yet available. For the detoxification drink, I like the Yerba Prima brand of Psyllium Husk Powder and Great Plains Yerba Prima liquid food grade Bentonite clay. I purchase these at  You also can use one teaspoon of Pico Silverper drink, as one of the anti-fungals you rotate.

What Else Can I Do?

I feel that it’s very important to get out and walk in the fresh air and sunlight. Even a slow 30 minute walk can positively impact your wellness.

For those who want to stimulate their lymph circulation even more, try bouncing on a trampoline, swimming, lymphatic skin brushing, and clay baths.

More tips about cleansing and detoxification can be found starting on page 544 of my Future Health Now Encyclopedia. This is a link to a free PDF of the book.


Dr. Carolyn Dean