Magnesium in Health and Disease – A Report from the NIH – Carolyn Dean MD ND

3-25-18 – Hour One – click three dots to download
3-25-18 – Hour Two

This past week, the International Society for the Development of Research on Magnesium held its most recent international caucus in the very heart of science: the NIH [National Institutes of Health] in Bethesda, Maryland and our very own Dr. Carolyn Dean was among its esteemed attendees.

The type and scope of scientific data on magnesium research presented at the three day meeting was staggering and revealed an impressive spans of research from molecular mechanisms to epidemiology and clinical data. The credentials and success of all the presenters was simply staggering beginning with the opening speaker, Dr. Wei Yang, who presented important information about the role of magnesium in RNA degradation to the closing day when Dr. Mike Lenardo presented his discoveries of the impact of magnesium deficiency on the immune system. Sandwiched in between the full range of magnesium deficiency symptoms in diabetes, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, muscular skeletal compromises, and neuropathology including stroke and brain plasticity as well as the impact on athletes and our children.

In addition to health challenges the critical topic of the magnesium shortage in our food supply was also front and center with robust presentations and conversations about how to solve this shortfall including the review of our current RDA for magnesium here in the United States.

Implicate in all presentations is the scientific proof that magnesium deficiency plays a significant role in health and disease and our food supply is unable to protect us.

Among the research, papers, and oral reports from the worlds leading scientists, doctors, and researchers Dr. Carolyn Dean offered her own insights on how to solve this health crisis.

Tonight on our internet-based radio show Dr. Dean will present a consolidation of reports from her three days at the NIH and summary of findings for all her listeners to gobble up and enjoy! Join us tonight for Magnesium in Health and Disease – A Report from the NIH.  

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