Staying Healthy

What Happens When I Start
 to Get Well?

People who write me clearly want to experience more wellness. Where they need more clarity is that when you change some things, things will actually change.  What do I mean by this statement?  I mean that changes you do not understand (or sometimes may not even want) will happen and lead to the changes you actually wanted in the first place.

So, when their body is fed well-absorbed nutrients and people experience temporarily uncomfortable symptoms, supplement users (“supplementers”) feel afraid. I often hear, “My body is doing so and so…. Can you make it stop?” If supplementers understood that these were signs of more permanent good health, they would never request that I make the changes stop.

As I’ve said in my books and other publications, people are conditioned by traditional medical practice. When they have an experience they perceive as “bad for me,” they go to the doctor for tests, are prescribed medication, and believe that popping a pill will fix the problem immediately. They don’t even consider how the medicine does this or its side effects.

That is why it is important for me to educate readers about the natural wellness cycle.

The Natural Wellness Cycle

Everyone’s wellness process is unique. It is affected by many different factors, such as: diet, exercise, fresh air, sunlight, medication(s), supplements, heredity, hydration, etc. However, everyone’s wellness cycle has some things in common and include the following processes:


This is the active phase of the wellness process. Enzyme and other biological systems are activated. Cells, organs, and systems “wake up.” During this phase of creating good health, people often complain of being shaky, anxious, or jumpy. They also experience random pins and needles, burning or twitching muscles, and random pain. These experiences are not symptoms of the body malfunctioning. They are evidence that feeding the body well-absorbed nutrients is waking the body up. An awake body is a body that already is expanding its wellness.


On the other hand, there are “supplementers” who complain about being tired or feeling they need to take naps. This is the body’s communication that it needs downtime/rest in order to process and integrate the changes it is making. I’ve written an article that explains this in detail called “Lying Down Therapy.” Again, wanting to rest is not a failure. It is an integral part of the natural cycle of wellness.


The third process people experience in the natural wellness cycle  is detoxification. When supplementers have a healthy gut, detoxification is a natural part of creating good health, so natural, in fact, that most people won’t even notice. But, if the cells are releasing toxins faster than the gut can excrete them, users often report detoxification symptoms such as light headache, slight flu symptoms, soft stools or diarrhea, rashes, and so on. Just like activation and resting, detoxification is not a malfunction of the body or a side effect of supplementation. It’s a phase of the natural cycle of wellness. The best information I can give you to smooth this phase of your wellness path is Chapter 6 of ReSet the Yeast Connectionand the article Too Toxic to Detox.


Activation, resting, and detoxification are three phases that are integral to the natural wellness process. Each phase is necessary for your body to expand into more health. Once you understand that these steps are evidence that your body is absorbing and using your nutrients, you can stop worrying and support your body in its wellness process.


Dr. Carolyn Dean

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