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Detox in harmony with your body

“Death begins in the colon.” – Dr. Jensen

There is no practical way to avoid all the toxins in the environment. You would have to live the rest of your life in a hermetically sealed suit (and it would be a short life since you couldn’t eat or drink.) Fortunately, it’s not so bad because there are ways to counteract many toxins and pollutants. Your body’s natural detoxification processes exist to deal with the ones we can’t easily avoid.

Detoxification is not just an externally imposed therapeutic method offered at a local detox clinic. Detoxification is performed every minute of every day by our various organs in an orchestration worthy of Carnegie Hall, including two complex phases that rely heavily on certain minerals and vitamins.

Doctors deny the necessity of external forms of detoxification – maybe because they think the liver has it all under control? However, today, the liver is hard pressed to keep up with all the toxins, refined foods (especially sugar), and drugs. Detoxification has become a buzz word in the health community with half the community wanting to try the latest and the other half wanting to sell it.

But don’t risk your time and health on the latest detox fads which can end up depleting your minerals, sending your chemistry out of balance, or leaving you so hungry that you end up binge eating and packing on the pounds.

My approach to detoxification is to enhance what the liver is valiantly trying to do while we continue to clog it up with drugs, processed food, fructose corn syrup, and other junk. If you want to witness the miracle working power of our bodies, look at the amazing work it is already doing to prevent drug toxicity in this post. (link to wiki –

Natural detoxification is so important that I devoted an entire 1-hour webinar to the subject. My co-host Ginney Gunther and I created this presentation to teach you all about detoxification, cleanses and the exact plan to follow to make sure your body’s natural detox functions are given all the support they require.

Detoxing can be a simple daily ritual that fits seamlessly into your schedule, not something you only do when you feel sick. This webinar will show you how to safely and gently expel heavy metals and other toxins from your body.

Join us as we explain some components you’ll need in order to detox safely, so you don’t deplete minerals or throw your chemistry out of balance.

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Dr. Carolyn Dean