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Elderly people in the United States represent an emerging high-risk group for nutritional deficiencies. A magnesium deficit your elderly parent or family member can occur due to inadequate nutrient intakes, multiple drug use, altered gastrointestinal function and/or frequent urination. Magnesium has been targeted as a risk factor for elderly people and has been implicated in the aging process.

Aging in our industrialized society is associated with high blood pressure, heart disease, reduced insulin sensitivity and Type 2 diabetes, among other degenerative diseases. Most of us don’t know that aging is also associated with an imbalance in the levels of calcium and magnesium and dozens of other minerals almost identical with those found in people with heart disease and diabetes. Clinical studies thoroughly document the fact that people with insulin resistance (a characteristic of Type 2 diabetes) have too much calcium and too little magnesium in their cells. Interestingly, these same effects are seen as the results of “normal” aging. That fact suggests that the disturbance of calcium and magnesium ions in the cells might be the missing link for the multiple diseases associated with aging. Other clinical research shows magnesium deficiency may increase our susceptibility to heart disease and accelerate the debility of aging.

One study of nursing home residents linked low magnesium levels and two conditions that commonly plague the elderly: diabetes and calf cramps. And another study showed that people who reached the age of 100 had higher total body magnesium levels-and lower calcium levels than the average person.

A Gallup Poll survey reported that magnesium consumption decreases as we age, with 79% of adults 55 and over reportedly eating below the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) of magnesium. In addition, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) says that older adults are at increased risk of magnesium deficiency due to their decreased ability to absorb the mineral. The diseases to which the elderly are vulnerable, and some of the drugs used in therapy, also contribute to magnesium loss. A potential magnesium deficiency is a matter of concern for many individuals of all ages, but for the elderly, it could be particularly serious.

The human body’s ability to absorb magnesium declines with age, so elderly people who do not eat an adequate diet and those who use prescription drugs that deplete the body’s magnesium are at risk. (Studies show that the average senior citizen takes six to eight prescription medications a day!) Antacids, taken by many older people to cover up symptoms of a poor diet, is a strong brew of calcium and aluminum that depletes magnesium and adds to the neurological burden of the elderly.

Several studies show that severe neurological problems result from extremely low levels of magnesium in the brain that can be caused by the chronic use of diuretics, which millions of people use to control high blood pressure. A diuretic, usually the first line treatment for high blood pressure specifically drains potassium as well as magnesium from the body. Most doctors prescribe potassium to replace the loss but forget about magnesium.

Fortunately, our customers here at RnA ReSet are empowered with the knowledge about magnesium and minerals and have woven ReMag and ReMyte into their elderly parents daily health regimen – consider this testimonial from Susana in Texas about her mother’s improving health:

My mother celebrated her 91st birthday on September 18th.

For the most part my Mom is in good health but does suffer from rheumatoid arthritis throughout her body and osteoarthritis in her knees. She takes tramadol to manage her pain, methotrexate, calcium, multivitamin, vitamin D, Fosamax and some other cartilage supplements. She would add nothing to her regimen unless instructed by her rheumatologist. Yes, she holds doctors in a deified glory. But I understood. She had experienced immense pain at the onset of her arthritis and she did not want the pain to ever reach that level again.

After a couple of years of living with my RnA Drops exhalations her rheumatologist was surprised to see her inflammation markers decreasing with each blood test. She sees her doctor every three months and has her blood drawn at every visit. Soon after her doctor reported her diminishing inflammation she had a bone density test and again the doctor was very pleased, and surprised, that her bone density was very good. He took her off the Fosomax. My mother’s reaction to the doctors reports of getting better:  “I don’t know why I’m getting better, I’m ready to go be with my husband.”

One of the side effects of her pain medication is constipation, anxiousness and difficulty sleeping. My mother was struggling with all three but, according to her, she was successfully managing her bouts of constipation well enough by drinking orange juice with lots of pulp. She would not recognize that the anxiousness and the difficulty sleeping were side effects of her medications. According to her, these issues were more a result of her life (and children) giving her so much to worry about.

I knew my mother could reap huge benefits from ReMag but she was steadfast in her refusal to even consider it. Then the ReMag Lotion was introduced. In August 2017 I began replacing her hand lotion with ReMag Lotion. She religiously applies lotion on her hands after washing them, so I knew she would get a pretty good daily dose of magnesium.

After three months I noticed the discoloration on her skin on her hands and arms was noticeably less. She had things like liver spots and also scars from scratches and burns from cooking and working in the yard. (She still mows the front and back lawns…more on this a little later).  Her skin is particularly sensitive to scratches, insect bites and burns make noticeable and sometimes scary marks on her skin that linger for a long time. Today her arms and hands now have an even skin tone color and a kind of warm glow.

I also began to notice that the knuckles on her hands and fingers seemed to be less. She had the noticeable disfigurement in her knuckles and fingers from the rheumatoid arthritis. Her thumbs were also almost 100% frozen. This was worrisome as she insists on doing all the cooking and losing the mobility in her thumbs put her at risk when handling cutting utensils and hot pots and pans.

Today my mother’s hands look normal, her fingers have some bumps but are not disfigured. The knuckles on her hands are normal. Today she can bend her thumbs! And her blood test results showed her inflammation markers that had been trending down were no longer there! Her Rheumatologist was so surprised.

She is also sleeping better and is calmer. Both my sisters have been taking the Completement Formulas for about a year so I let them in on the secret. They were so pleased but we still haven’t told my Mom about the ReMag Lotion because we want her to continue to use it.

I suggested again that she try ReMag and reminded her how well I am doing with it and she also knows my sisters take it too. She finally agreed to try it!! I give her ¾ teaspoon in a glass of water each morning which she drinks throughout the day. She soon stopped complaining about her bowel movements. After about six weeks I pointed out to her that she hadn’t mentioned having any issues with her bowels since she began taking the ReMag. She could do nothing but agree and I could tell from the look on her face that she was surprised and pleased.

She no longer makes a face when I give her morning glass of water. What she doesn’t know is that I am now adding Pico Silver, Pink Himalayan sea salt to her water as well. She hasn’t complained about taste or anything. My next challenge is to get her to drink more water throughout the day so I can increase the amounts I’m giving her.

This year she began mowing the lawn again in the spring. She did it and she had the stamina to get the job done! In addition she didn’t suffer any after effects – low energy, soreness, lethargy – that I saw her suffer with for a couple of days afterward from a year ago!

And lastly, her hair. It has been snow white for years now. For the last year we have noticed dark hairs growing in into her scalp. She now has some darker areas of hair and her hair is slowly turning into a more salt and pepper color. She likes to point out that her hair color is coming back and exclaims that she must be getting younger!!

It is amazing to see these results with my Mom and am so grateful to have the Completement Formulas for her AND for me.

–Susana V. San Antonio TX USA

Tonight on our internet based radio show, we’ll  be talking with Dr. Carolyn Dean about Magnesium and Minerals for the Elderly along with a wide range of health topics and safe solutions. You will love hearing the beneficial interactions with our callers and hosts alike including the body/mind connection, identifying the ‘conflict’ in the ‘conflict basis’ of disease and much more!!

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