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Hour One – 4-8-2019
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Magnesium deficiency is one of the most overlooked health problems in the western world today.  In fact, magnesium deficiency has been declared a public health crisis by many doctors, clinical researchers, and health institutions. Yet a significant number of medical doctors, functional doctors, and holistic practitioners do not acknowledge or even recognize the signs of magnesium deficiency much let alone the depth of the crisis.

Perhaps one reason for the oversight is doctors have become more convinced of disease than nutritional deficiencies. For example, magnesium deficiency mimics a host of health problems such as atrial fibrillation, fibromyalgia, back pain, insomnia, RLS and can be a major factor in mental health concerns like anxiety, Alzheimer’s and depression.

One of the little-known reasons that magnesium deficiency may be a contributing factor such a variety of health issues is that this ‘Master Nutrient’ is utilized as an enzyme by a multitude of nutrients in a variety of cellular processes. Magnesium is such an important nutrient that taking it by itself, in many cases, actually raises blood levels of calcium, potassium, and vitamin D.

Unlike drugs, nutrients require a complex array of substances in order to work properly; one of the best examples of this phenomenon is calcium.  Women in western countries have some of the highest rates of osteoporosis despite having the highest calcium intakes in the world; while their Peruvian and Japanese sisters, who get far less calcium but plenty of magnesium, have extremely low rates of osteoporosis.

While it’s fairly well known that magnesium is required for calcium to be absorbed in the intestinal tract, it’s less well known that magnesium helps calcium dissolve into solution in the bloodstream.

Natural calcium is an insoluble mineral that, when crushed, will sink to the bottom of a glass of water.  It will also stay in the same crystalline form in the bloodstream without sufficient magnesium.

However, adding magnesium will keep the calcium in solution, which explains many studies showing that higher magnesium intakes are an important measure in preventing not only osteoporosis but also kidney stones and heart disease as well.

While magnesium is vital for the utilization of calcium, it also plays unique roles in the uptake of potassium and the transformation of vitamin D.  In the case of potassium, there are several studies showing that magnesium alone can improve low potassium levels.

Vitamin D, too, requires magnesium for several reasons.  First, it’s needed in order to convert vitamin D into its active form in the bloodstream.  You can be taking enough vitamin D, but if you are magnesium deficient you may not be able to increase your blood levels.

When health conscious individuals encounter this information they always ask the same question: ‘Why isn’t my doctor telling me this?’ The main reason doctors do not use magnesium as a regular part of their practice is not because they are not aware of what magnesium does in the body, it’s because they may not know how to tell you to use it effectively. Fortunately for us, Dr. Carolyn Dean’s proprietary formula, ReMag Magnesium Solution, takes all the mystery out of magnesium supplementation. It is ​fully absorbed at the cellular level, it is required in 1,000 enzyme functions, it goes into mitochondria, crosses the blood brain barrier, plays a critical role in RnA and DNA synthesis, it is used in protein metabolism, and it is used in six of the eight steps of the Krebs cycle to make ATP. These are the non-negotiables of how ReMag begins to impact the body!! By adding ReMyte to the equation you add very modest, highly absorbed forms of calcium, zinc, and other mineral factors including iodine at a cellular level that will support electrolyte interactions and enzyme interactions as well. 

Tonight on our internet based radio show, we’ll  be talking with Dr. Carolyn Dean about Magnesium Deficiency – Things Your Doctor May Not Know to Tell Youalong with a wide range of health topics and safe solutions.

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