My Experience – Removing Mercury Fillings

The first time I heard about the dangers of mercury fillings was when Dr. Carolyn Dean suggested using a biological dentist to have one’s mercury fillings removed. Since that time, I have read every article she’s written and listened to every recording on the subject of mercury fillings.

The reason for my interest is simple. I have chronic yeast overgrowth, and  in one of the recordings I listened to, Dr. Dean said that mercury fillings “encourage” yeast overgrowth. That is why I’ve been building up my immune system with a view to having my mercury fillings removed. Three weeks ago, I got the signal that my body is ready – a broken tooth with a leaking mercury filling.

Finding a Biological Dentist

I checked to see whether my insurance covered a biological dentist, and I have a very small reimbursement for any dental work I have done. That didn’t surprise me, and I had some savings put aside for the day when I started the process of replacing my fillings.

I then googled “biological dentists” and found several dentists whose practice description included those words. I narrowed down my research to those dentists who offer these specific choices:

  • Dentists who are members of IAOMT and are experienced and certified in the use of biological dentistry practices.
  • They do not use dental amalgam for cavity repair due to its mercury content.
  • Dentists who repair cavities with tooth-colored resin and ceramic materials.
  • They use ceramics for dental implant treatment.
  • Dentists who do not use Fluoride products in their office.
  • They use natural gum and dental health products.
  • Dentists who act carefully so as not to compromise a patient’s safety or health at any time.
  • They provide the best possible solutions to dental concerns by staying abreast of the latest developments, discoveries, and research in biological dentistry.

Out of the five possible candidates in my area, I was able to get a new patient appointment with an extremely competent biological dentist.

My Personal Experience

I’m sharing a short account of my experience in having a broken tooth with a leaking mercury filling removed so that our readers/customers will have an idea of how to move through this experience safely and easily.

I don’t like dentists, and I was very pleasantly surprised when I arrived at the new biological dentist. Her office is in an old home in a good neighborhood. The environment was relaxing – the decor was very pretty, and the rooms were suites instead of sterile treatment spaces. Essential oils were being dispensed from a diffuser.

While the x-ray equipment was the latest, it was housed in an alcove that carried through the stress-free ambience of the office. The dentist had my x-rays within moment of them being taken.

When I went in for treatment, the dentist used SMART (Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique). The room had a very strong high speed air filter. The dentist and technician both had surgical gowns, nitral gloves, and face and head shields on. I was covered in a full body impermeable barrier from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet (with a little space around the mouth so the dentist could work). I had a dental dam and vacuum cleaner that was specific for this purpose. My teeth, tongue, and inside my mouth were coated with a salve so that mercury couldn’t accidentally soak in.

My dentist has special training in using stem cells to encourage bone growth. So, they did take some of my blood and later used stem cells from my blood to pack the hole left by the removed tooth. The wound was sutured, and I was given arnica and hypericum, two homeopathics which are often used in holistic dental work.

At the end of the procedure I was given a detailed sheet of instructions for how to support my body as it healed and detoxified.

A Good Experience

This was the best dental health experience I have ever had. The dentist was kind and explained biological dental procedures generally and what my choices were specifically. She developed a long term treatment plan to replace my amalgam fillings and broke the plan down into chunks, so I could budget money and time. The follow through was very supportive.

If you are thinking of having your mercury amalgams replaced, I highly suggest you research biological dentistry as a choice.