Six Useful Homeopathics for Spring

Spring is in the air, flowers are in bloom, and now is the time when family members return to spending time outdoors. Whether you are doing yard work, gardening, exercising, or walking in Nature, it is a very good thing to have a few homeopathics on hand in case of cuts/grazes, allergies, injuries, bites and stings, sunburn.

Why Do I Suggest Using Homeopathy?

In my new book, Dr. Dean’s Homeopathic Guidebook, I give four reasons why homeopathy is now more prominent in my health recommendations.

  • Reason 1: I received an email from a customer, who has been studying and using homeopathy for several years. She said that homeopathy combined with the Completement Formulas is helping her restore her health.
  • Reason 2: I also received “an eye-opening email from [another] customer. She was concerned about how to stay well.” Here are her questions:
    • Question One: “Can someone heal themselves without having to go through the headache and anxiety of going to the doctor?”
    • Question Two: “Or does someone have to go to the doctor and get their diagnosis, and then we, as knowledgeable beings, should then decide what we want to do?”
    • Question Three: “Or is it better to go to a Naturopath and they give a diagnosis and take the natural approach to everything?”
    • Question Four: How long should one wait until they seek medical advice on any health issues? 
  • Reason 3: My third reason for going back to homeopathy was the recent realization that most of the supplement companies that I recommended over the years have been bought out by Clorox, Nestle, and Big Pharma….

Because I can’t be assured of the organic, pure, high quality of supplements on the market how can I tell you to take this or that herb, vitamin, or mineral for a health complaint? Instead I’ll start recommending that you study my Future Health Now Encyclopedia, use our Completement Formulas, purchase a Homeopathic Kit, and become fully engaged in your own wellness with effective solutions.

Five Homeopathics for Using Outdoors in the Spring

Of course, if you have a serious illness, injury, wound, or burn, I suggest you get emergency medical care. For non-emergencies, I recommend you begin using homeopathics by purchasing an home homeopathic kit and do offer one for your convenience on this website. Additionally, I propose that you have an additional small kit that you carry with you when you are outdoors.

Here are five common issues you might experience outdoors this Spring and remedies that will support your wellness, if you experience any of the circumstances:

  1. Cuts/Grazes/Sores: Calendula 30c or Hypericum 30c
  2. Allergies: Arnica 30c or Hypericum 30c
  3. Injuries: Arnica 30c or Hypericum 30c
  4. Bites/Stings: Apis 30c
  5. Sunburn: Belladonna 30c or Cantharis 30c

More about the Remedies

This is why these remedies would make a wonderful small kit for Spring outdoor use:

  1. Apis is the number one remedy for bites and stings.
  2. Arnica is the number one remedy for accidents, shock, and physical exhaustion.
  3. Belladonna is the number one remedy for very high fevers.
  4. Calendula is the number one remedy for healing wounds.
  5. Cantharis is the number one remedy for the intense pain of burns.
  6. Hypericum is the number one remedy for injury to nerves.

Learn More

I have made a connection with the creator of our homeopathic kit, Mary Aspinwall, that you can benefit from. If you wish to connect with her Facebook group and work with her group on learning more about homeopathy or consult with Mary, email us at for contact information.


Dr. Carolyn Dean