ReMag Lotion: The Best Mother’s Day Gift Ever

On Last Monday night’s internet radio show, Ginney said that she wished she had learned more about partnering with her own health before she met me in 2010.  She said that before that time, she completely and totally knew nothing about supplementation and alternative health and that she reflects back with complete chagrin about how sick her father was and how little she knew about how to help him. Thankfully, Ginney has taken her own health power back into her hands, starting by researching the material in my archives and using the Completement Products, and has helped hundreds and hundreds of our customers. You can do this, too, and share what you learn with your family and friends. Even more importantly, you can make sure that your Mother is on the road to increasing her health by giving her ReMag Lotionfor Mother’s Day.

How Will ReMag Lotion Help?

I talked about ReMag Lotion and its importance for older adults during my show on April 29:

Keep yourself supplied with ReMag Lotion. I know Ginney’s right in that we will never run out, and we’re taking steps….we’ll make it ourselves, for example. We were just trying to make the formula better and better, and when we depend on other people to do that, things run askew.

There is no limit on how many bottles you can buy. Stock up and make sure you keep it on hand. It makes a great gift as well — birthdays, Mother’s Day, any of the holidays. It’s something as a body cream anyone can use. We do find when customers complain that their friends won’t take the liquid, it’s very easy to give away the Lotion because it feels so good and is a great hydrator and body cream. We say that if any of our friends or relatives were stuck in the hospital, we would be putting the ReMag Lotion in a simple body cream jar and putting it right by their bedside. I know a lot of older people have dry skin and they like to use body cream. This will definitely help.

Actually, that does remind me of one of my most recent blogs. Let me get to that at, a different website. It is, “Moisturizing for Mental Health.” This was, as they say,  the coolest article in the Sacramento Bee. It was about a University of California, San Francisco study about just putting a moisturizing cream on age-damaged skin in older adults. Just doing that, trying to heal up this breakage, it decreased the inflammation in the body and that inflammation that irritates all parts of the body, including the brain.

So, of course, I’m thinking, let’s use the ReMag Lotion instead of just a plain body cream, and right away you have scientific validation that it’s going to help decrease inflammation. But, with the addition of the ReMag in the ReMag Lotion, you are supporting 1,000 enzyme systems, and you are helping the body drive over 80% of known metabolic functions in the body.

The ReMag Lotion Recipe

Here is a short video my staff did about ReMag Lotion and how to use it:

As you can see, ReMag Lotion is easy to use and has 200 mg of ReMag magnesium in every teaspoon of Lotion. So, give your Mother the gift of more health this Mother’s Day with ReMag Lotion.


Dr. Carolyn Dean

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