Remove EMF from Your
 Bedroom; Sleep Better

Friday, May 17, is the fiftieth anniversary of World Telecommunications Day. The International Telecommunications Union states that:

The purpose of World Telecommunication and Information Society Day (WTISD) is to help raise awareness of the possibilities that the use of the Internet and other information and communication technologies (ICT) can bring to societies and economies, as well as of ways to bridge the digital divide.

I’m sure that when this organization was founded in 1875, they never contemplated the existence of EMFs (electromagnetic fields), let alone the negative effects that EMF has on so many people’s health. The seriousness of the damage EMFs can cause is described in Module 4 of my Completement Now Health Program:

We know that the electromagnetic fields (or EMFs) produced by electrical devices affects human physiology. In a draft report issued in March 1990, the EPA recommended EMFs be classified as a Class B carcinogen — a “probable human carcinogen” — joining the ranks of formaldehyde, DDT, dioxins and PCBs.

Obviously, you can’t get away from EMFs because modern technology has intertwined itself in every aspect of life. But you can remove its harmful effects at night and sleep better.

Remove EMF from Your Bedroom

When you remove EMF from your bedroom, you allow your body to get the rest it needs. The natural and magnetic activity dancing between our cells slows down at night. Eliminating EMF from the room you sleep in, allows your body to follow its natural resting inclinations.

Here is how I removed EMF from my bedroom. I suggest you do the same:

  1. Remove all unnecessary electronic devices from your bedroom. Your sleeping chamber is definitely NOT a place for televisions, stereos, video game units, sewing machines and computers — all of which may continue to produce EMFs long after they have been deactivated.
  2. If you need music or sleeping CDs to go to sleep, use a battery–operated portable CD player with its own speaker and keep it at least three feet away from any of your body parts.
  3. Before you go to bed at night, ideally, cut the power to all rooms in your home that don’t require electricity. For most of us this would be everything but the rooms where you have your refrigerator(s). At the very least, make sure that there is no electricity going to the room you sleep in or any of the adjacent rooms.
  4. Make sure you do not have a bedroom located adjacent to a wall where you have your circuit breaker or fuse box. Hopefully your circuit breaker is located in your basement or your kitchen.

For More Information about The Completement Now Health Program

Here is an overview of the program including a complimentary sign-up for the first four modules of the program:

Bonus Material

For those who already are dealing with EMF damage, here is a clip from the 2017 Edition of The Magnesium Miracle that will better help you understand your circumstances:


Some people insist that they are negatively affected by electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in the low-and microwave-frequency range. But until now, science has stayed neutral on EMFs, saying that the only effects from EMFs are due to heat.

EMFs can have positive effects, such as stimulating bone growth. However, a study focusing on negative effects showed that EMFs caused single-strand breaks in DNA. In fact, many people feel that EMFs can cause many side effects in the body. This condition has been labeled electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS), which unfortunately implies that only “sensitive” people feel these effects.

According to Wikipedia: “The reported symptoms of EHS include headache, fatigue, stress, sleep disturbances, skin symptoms like prickling, burning sensations and rashes, pain and ache in muscles and many other health problems. Whatever their cause, EHS symptoms are a real and sometimes a disabling problem for the affected persons.” You will notice that the symptoms of EHS are also symptoms of magnesium deficiency. EMFs are stressors; therefore, they deplete magnesium, adding to our magnesium burn rate.

A paper by Dr. Martin Pall reviewing twenty-three EMF studies found that the production of EMF side effects has to do with voltage-gated calcium channels (VGCCs).35 The wide range of actions caused by EMFs are thought to be due to two different pathways for VGCCs. Scientists don’t know the cause of EHS, but when I see that voltage-gated calcium channels are possibly involved, I nominate magnesium deficiency as a probable cause.

In Chapter 1, I discuss calcium channels and how they are jealously guarded by magnesium. Magnesium, at a concentration 10,000 times greater than that of calcium inside the cells, allows only a certain amount of calcium to enter to create the necessary electrical transmission, and then immediately helps to eject the calcium once the job is done. Otherwise, if calcium accumulates in the cell it triggers hyperexcitability and disrupts cell function. Too much calcium entering cells can cause symptoms of heart disease (such as angina, high blood pressure, and arrhythmia), asthma, and headaches. Magnesium is nature’s calcium channel blocker.

What are the main symptoms of magnesium deficiency and calcium excess? Headaches, fatigue, insomnia, muscle pain—just like EHS symptoms. My theory is that the negative effects of EMFs occur in people who are magnesium deficient, and their hypersensitivity to EMFs is because they don’t have enough magnesium to block the calcium channels stimulated by EMFs. Maybe my theory will be validated in a decade or two; in the meantime, get your magnesium RBC test and begin taking magnesium to prevent upward of a hundred symptoms, including damage from EMFs. See Chapter 16 for information on magnesium testing and Chapter 18 for my magnesium supplement recommendations.

Obviously more studies are called for, but Dr. Pall’s paper does help vindicate people who are concerned that EMFs are operating at more than just a heat-producing level.

What More Can I Do?

If it were me, I would start saturating my body with ReMag and ReMyte, begin using RnA Drops, and hydrate with sea-salted water. We have had several customers talk about improvements in their body’s resilience in the face of EMF using these three products and sea-salted water.

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