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What is Total Biology and
 When Is It Appropriate for Me?

Customers and readers who listen to my radio shows and read my blogs hear me talk about Total Biology all the time. So, I thought I would take a moment to discuss Total Biology and why I suggest customers consider this discipline as part of their wellness journey.

What is Total Biology?

Total Biology is the study of the conflict basis of disease. According to its founder Claude Sabbah, MD, “Disease is the brain’s best solution to keep the person alive as long as possible.” So, if a person has a major conflict or stress that overwhelms the mind, the body may create physical symptoms in an attempt to relive the stress or solve the problem.

A Layered Approach to Wellness

If you have been working with my products and/or archives for long, you may already have realized that I give a layered approach to wellness. Here are the steps I suggest give a good framework to creating more health:

  • Make sure that throughout the process of improving your nutrition, your body is properly hydrated.
  • Take magnesium and mineral deficiency “off the table.” Since over 65 magnesium deficiencies have been identified, for example, many times becoming saturated with magnesium will create subsidence in all but one or two of your nutritional deficiency symptoms.
  • Then, continue to improve your nutrition by following my supplement recommendations. These are the supplements that I personally use every day, so this list is always up-to-date.
  • At this point, if you are experiencing any of the following, take the yeast questionnaires in my book, ReSet the Yeast Connection:
  • What is definite about yeast is its ability to make you crave carbs, invade every skin surface and orifice, make you itch, scratch, develop rashes, and actually make you smell yeasty or moldy! These are sure signs and symptoms of Yeast Overgrowth Syndrome (YOS) that help you know what‘s going on in your body. I would also add that poor digestion, heart burn, bloating, gas, constipation and/or diarrhea can also point to YOS.
  • When you have your yeast population rebalanced and your body is being fed, but you still experience a less than situation, your next step could be Total Biology. The inquiry about why your experience is resolving the underlying conflict can completely change your picture to one of ever-increasing wellness.

Total Biology Resources

Here are several resources that can help you explore Total Biology. Once you have gone through this information, you can consult by phone with Dr. David Holt, an expert in this discipline whom I highly recommend.


Patrick Obissier – BioGenealogy – LINK

Gabor Mate – When the Body Says No – VIDEO

Andres Moritz – Cancer’s Not a Disease – It’s a Survival Mechanism – PDF


Here is a link to  an introductory video series on the  5 Natural Laws of Biology from the New Medicine/German New Medicine/Total Biology perspective, presented by Ingmar Marquardt.

In roughly an hour, you can obtain an initial objective overview of this new perspective, on changes in an organism (diseases of all kinds, functional changes, etc.) in response to shock.


To watch a free online introduction to the GNM, please log onto:

Password gnm26 Please make sure you are logged off after watching the presentation.


Dr. David Holt, MD studied with my Total Biology teacher Gilbert Renaud ND and then taught with Gilbert. He is a VERY gifted Total Biology practitioner and also does long-distance Tong Ren with his telephone clients.

Dr. David Holt
David Holt <>
O – 775-230-7304


Once their bodies are well-hydrated, well-fed, and have a balanced gut environment, many of our customers over the years have benefited by exploring the conflicts underlying their less than experiences. Total Biology has been a very useful tool for them.


Dr. Carolyn Dean