How Do I Know Your
 Products Are Pure?

Every day I see our customers and potential customers taking the power for their health care choices back into their own hands. That is why I am glad when they write or phone in to ask about the purity of our products. This is a sign that customers are researching products and asking relevant questions before they use them. Additionally, any supplement company that is serious about supporting people’s health can answer these questions easily. Here are key quality control factors that our company meets.

Knowledgeable, Experienced Staff

I like to say that my customer service staff are my “clones.” Here is an explanation of what I mean from our FAQ on Quality Control:

Here at RnA ReSet, our spokespeople and customer service staff all speak confidently and appropriately about the unique qualities of our proprietary formulas. It is not widely recognized that with dietary supplements absorption is key, and our formulas take the lead in that category. You’ll also hear us talk about picometer-sized minerals, stabilized ions, methylation, sulfation, vitamins that are sourced from whole foods, and the principals of tried and true systems of natural medicine like homeopathy.

Expert Quality Control and Quality Assurance Teams

This is how I describe my Quality Control and Assurance Teams and their important work:

Behind the scenes of the construction of our formulas is the diligent, precise work of our Quality Control and Quality Assurance teams. Our cGMP manufacturers have professional staff dedicated to the adherence of all quality standards of the FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practices which stipulate that manufacturers must evaluate the identity, purity, quality, strength, and composition of their dietary ingredients and dietary supplements to help guarantee that our products are safe and accurately labeled.

While the formulations behind the Completement Formulas of RnA ReSet are proprietary and held in strict confidence, the quantitative ingredients, Quality Control, and Quality Assurance process of each formula are completely transparent and subject to routine inspection by authorized, qualified examiners. To give you a peek into what we do, we’ll take you on a tour of what goes on in our process.

Outstanding Quality Control Process

As promised, here is a description of the Quality Control/Assurance Process:

In order to end up with the highest quality formulations, we begin with sourcing the highest quality raw ingredients. Even though we obtain a Certificate of Analysis for our raw ingredients, we still send samples out for testing for confirmation. We use the same exacting specifications and standards of evaluation to monitor those ingredients and the resultant product through to the process of completion. Once the formula has been manufactured, each lot is inspected, laboratory tested, and approved by quality control professionals before it is shipped to our fulfillment center.

When the product reaches the fulfillment center, a different level of quality
control measure is applied to each finished product to ensure the lot is safe and ready to consume so more inspections, tests, and verifications take place.

What Is a COA?

The next step in the process is generating a Certificate of Analysis (“COA”). So, my next post will describe and give examples of a Certificate of Analysis (“COA”). By the way, you can contact customer service representatives at and request a COA for any batch of product you purchase.


I am proud to partner with our manufacturers to create highly absorbed, highly effective dietary supplements that meet the rigorous requirements of Good Manufacturing Practices, recognized around the world as the gold standard for consumer safety.


Dr. Carolyn Dean