What Is a Certificate of Analysis? 
How Do I Get One?

In my last post, I talked to you about the excellence of RnA ReSet’s Quality Control and Assurance Processes. Today, I would like to continue this conversation and give you a description of what a Certificate of Analysis (“COA”) is and how you can get one for the product(s) you use.

What Is a Certificate of Analysis?

A COA answers the following questions about a product:

  1. Identity and potency – Does this batch actually contain the ingredients and dosage strength listed on the label?
  2. Purity – Is the product free of specific contaminants? Are heavy metals within their appropriate and acceptable ranges?
  3. Bioavailability – Does the product meet standards for adequate use in the body?
  4. Consistency – Are the contents, packaging and labels consistent throughout the batch and meet FDA requirements?

What to Look for on Your COA

Here is a PDF of our last COA for 16-oz ReMag:

As you can see, I’ve noted in read where you can find all the relevant quality control and assurance information on the COA. However, to be sure you understand the importance of this document to assuring the purity of our products, let’s review the COA together.

  • The first section of the COA, General Information, gives a description for a 16-oz ReMag.
  • The second section, Test Report, has three sub-sections. Physical attributes describe what actually is in the bottle. Chemicals are divided into two sub-sections, heavy metals and micro-organisms. Both of these sub-sections give test results for any heavy metals and/or micro-organisms that may be in a product.
  • The Quality Control Manager compares the original formula and description for the product, looks at all the tests involved, and then approves the product for sale by assessing that all four aspects of quality are met (identity and potency, purity, bioavailability, and consistency).

Where Do I Find RnA ReSet’s COAs?

Our Frequently Asked Questions, including our COAs, are located under the “Help” tab at If you have any challenges finding the COA you want to look at, please contact Customer Service


Dr. Carolyn Dean