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Total Body Meltdown: Where Nothing Works and Everything Hurts describes the current state of health of many of our customers who are trapped in a health care system that is more about the system than about the care. Traditionally, when you are suffering Total Body Meltdown, you are shunted into a system that separates you into body parts, treating each part individually with an FDA-approved drug or surgery.

As you will see, we put the “care” back in Health Care with my Total Body ReSet, which is designed to relieve you of the stress of thinking that your Total Body Meltdown is due to a dozen different health conditions; that your genes are malfunctioning; or that you need extensive medical testing; and dozens of drugs and supplements.

In Total Body Meltdown and The 65 Reasons Why I’m going to discuss how to ReSet Your Body to its Default Setting of Total Health; The Layers of Illness; The Downward Spiral; and The Sixty-Five Magnesium Deficiencies that are often misdiagnosed as individual diseases. I will also show how each of these symptoms begins at the same starting points – Magnesium Deficiency and Yeast Overgrowth.

With a combination of luck, commonsense, and decades of research, I’ve come to these conclusion and managed to implement a protocol that ReSets the body at the cellular level and allows its natural healing power to “be in the driver’s seat.”

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  1. I’m excited about getting this program going. I have ordered ReMaG and Re-Myte..I have Hashimoto w non-malignant nodules & have many symptoms associated w this nuisance…The latest being poor circulation in my feet, ankles & legs. Looking forward to more info on total ReSet or best program to combat Hashimoto. Thanks!

  2. Could you please direct my reading to learn about Yeast OVergrowth? I would like to get clear if this is or has been an issue with me.
    I listen to Dr. Dean’s Monday live discussions and now want to read more about this condition. Thank you very much, Ida

  3. I am having trouble finding Dr. Dean’s book on Yeast Overgrowth so I can read it. Where is it? Thanks, Ida

  4. Hello I have been suffering from sore weak knee leg muscle just above the knee to be exact and notice that my toe nails are dark. I’ve been taking Amino Acid from Pipping Rocks and it help some when I’m workout. I also order some Ionic Magnesium and Zinc and Potassium in the Ionic form. I want to know I’m I on the right path of strengthen my knee issue. Vitals I take 5000 IU of vit. D and was told that my B12 was low.

  5. This overview (65 reasons for Total Body Meltdown) is the best explanation of all your products that I have read. Thank you for putting it together.

    • Oh, gosh, Connie! Thank you for sharing you experience – Dr. Dean works so diligently to say it in as many ways possible so people can ‘get it’! We’re thrilled you find it helpful! XO GINNEY

  6. Hi Ginny
    Thanks for all the wonderful work you do 🙂
    I am new to the chat and am finding it all so fascinating!
    I am suffering from severe stress, leaky gut, adult cystic acne (have had it for most of my life but has been worse recently) and have been taking antibiotics to treat it for about twenty years but stopped about 15 years ago, i have had hepatitis A as diagnosed by Dr but now i think it could be autoimmune and now have liver scarring, have been losing muscle mass for the past five years or so but my overall weight hasn’t changed much, restless sleep, anxiety, wired and tired, extreme sore feet and achy joints, heat sensitive, some hair loss, looking much older than my 53 years, racing heart, lack of energy and stamina to keep going, white coating on tongue with deep grooves down the centre, creaking bones, difficult winding down most evenings, intolerant to almost everything i eat, itchy skin, POTS and low blood pressure, had a reflex syncope attack last year during a particularly stressful period, sensitivity to supplements so not taking any at the moment or for the past few years. I have increased my water intake over the past year and DO supplement with a bit of himalayan pink salt twice daily which does help to slightly increase my blood pressure which is usually 105/69.
    Your advice and insight would mean the world to us.

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