Fasting to Jump Start Your Keto Diet

When I found the work of Dr. Jason Fung, (a Canadian nephrologist, who is a world-leading expert on intermittent fasting and low carb eating, especially for treating people with type 2 diabetes), I decided to try a modified Keto nutritional plan with intermittent fasting. I had been eating quite a bit of fruit since moving to Hawaii, and I wanted to lose the 15 lbs. I had put on. This is how I incorporate intermittent fasting into my daily life and hit my target weight.  

History of Fasting

There’s a long history to fasting, especially as part of our ancestor’s spiritual practices. They would:

  • temporarily fast from specific foods (Catholics wouldn’t eat meat on Friday.);
  • refrain from combining certain foods (When you keep Kosher, you cannot prepare or eat dairy with meat.);
  • not eat certain foods (Observant Jews cannot eat unclean foods like pork or shrimp.);
  • only drink water on certain holy days.

All of these practices are forms of intermittent fasting.

Why Should Dieters Fast

As I said in ReSet Your Ideal Weight:

Fasting quickly burns off stored sugar so you can trigger the fat burning switch. A low-carb diet keeps you from burning and storing carbs so that you continue in the fat-burning zone.

This is why intermittent fasting and low-carb eating are a winning weight loss combination.

How Do I Start Fasting?

I suggest that you fast for 3 days before you start the Keto Diet. Then, I recommend doing a 24-48 hour fast once a week until you are at your ideal weight. Once you reach your ideal weight, you don’t have to fast. But you may have found some benefits other than weight loss that might inspire you to fast periodically. So, follow your own sense of what is right for you.

Fasting Tips

Here are some tips I shared in ReSet Your Ideal Weight:

What can I say about “the fasting diet” except don’t eat anything! However, I can give you some advice to support your body with nutrients while you fast!

  • Drink sea-salted water throughout the day with your daily dose of ReMag, ReMyte, and ReCalcia. You may drink more than half your body weight (in pounds), in ounces of water.
  • Take your ReAline twice a day.
  • Take RnA Drops–twice a day.
  • Take psyllium and bentonite twice a day to absorb toxins.
  • If you want something to “taste” while fasting, instead of coffee, drink non-caffeinated herb teas. Taheebo is one of the best, especially for people with yeast overgrowth, because it has anti-fungal properties.

For More Detailed Information

Read ReSet Your Ideal Weight (link above) and watch my webinar on my Keto experience:

ReSet Your Ideal Weight Keto Webinar
Streamed live on Jan 18, 2018


Dr. Carolyn Dean