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Hour One – May 6, 2019
Hour Two – May 6, 2019

Your body is made up of an ecosystem similar to the Earth’s biological system of well-being and balance – a miraculous, complex system of intelligent factors all working cooperatively together to produce your wonderful body.  Among your 30 trillion human cells live 39 trillion microbes – all of which have impeccably important jobs including the healthy bacteria and yeast that keep you alive and strong.  Healthy bacteria and yeast will help digest your food, deliver nutrients to your cells, regulate your blood sugar, and even make vitamins and minerals.

BUT if your system gets out of whack through stress, poor diet, environmental toxins, or nutritional and mineral deficiencies your body may become susceptible to be host to bad bacteria and yeast overgrowth leading to imbalance, sickness, or disease.

When it comes time to take action and restore the body’s balance, many people will go to the doctor. In my years of working in modern medicine I have witnessed the same pattern of mis-diagnosis and correspondingly inaccurate treatment plans that fail to restore the body to homeostasis [balance].  In the big Pharma world of drugs and devices antibiotics and steroids are the go-to solutions for these complex, naturally occurring imbalances. Unfortunately, repeated rounds antibiotics only make the imbalances even greater and then become uniquely compounded as nutritional and mineral deficiencies are treated with more and more drugs.

In the current state of modern medicine, people are not getting the proper healthcare. They are getting disease care and it doesn’t make them feel better. Many individuals can’t afford wholistic doctors or naturopathic care which are not usually covered by insurance. So they end up using Dr. Google and find health forums where they encounter free advice. It’s like playing ‘What’s My Symptom?’ It may be completely inappropriate for them but “Hey, it’s free!”

AND, it’s deceiving. Everybody loves an overcomer but at what expense, I ask myself? I’ve read one too many health stories where a person managed to survive misdiagnosis and mistreatment at the hands of allopathic, alternative and lay practitioners and comes out the other end alive and in relatively better health after years of experimenting. As I read every step of their journey I’m moaning and groaning as I recognize magnesium deficiency and yeast overgrowth in each of their layers of symptoms. By the end of the story they have managed to cobble together a program of diet, supplements, and even accepting the condition without ever getting to the root cause. Not ideal.

So, what is ideal, you may be asking? Correcting sub infectious disease is a process of incremental improvement and can be accomplished with the right protocol and lots of patience and self-love. Tonight on Dr. Carolyn Dean LIVE I will be talking about Sub Infectious Disease – Restoring Balance as well as many other wonderful topics!  And, remember, every week you have the option to email or talk directly to Dr. Carolyn Dean and gain valuable information, suggestions, and insights about your health choices as well as take-aways that you can discuss with your doctor, should you chose to do so. 

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