Relieve Stress with Emotional Freedom Technique (“EFT”/Tapping)

Hi, this is Melody-Rose of RnA ReSet.  I generally write very little under my byline for Dr. Dean’s RnA ReSet blog. But I thought sharing my personal experience could help you understand that you are not the only one who experiences overwhelm and the resulting stress. I also want to give you hope – Dr. Dean has an arsenal of tools you can use to support yourself experience more wellness. Like she says, partner up with her and RnA ReSet by researching the tools she’s already shared and then asking for tweaks on how to use them better.

Do You Recognize This Story in Your Life?

Even when you work with kind, understanding, generous people, you can experience overwhelm and stress. First, my support system fell apart. Up to that point, I had had two helpers who came to the house on a regular basis – one to shop and cook yeast-free food and a handyman. Both of these guys quit at the same time, so there was only me and my spiritual partner left to do everything. We had challenges finding affordable replacements, and household chores and errands started piling up.

I live in a part of this metropolitan city complex that is under-served so far as healthy food choices, holistic doctors, and exercise alternatives go. For example, I have to travel an hour one-way to even get to my biological dentist. My only thought at that point was that the best solution was to cut my work hours somehow. Ginney and I worked for quite a long time to find the right fit for everyone. In the meantime, I felt totally overwhelmed and out of balance, trying to serve our customers well and keep our home and garden clean and our unique nutritional plans going. I just couldn’t get it all done.

I am sure many of you can identify with this situation. Let’s face it, chronic overwhelm and stress don’t help you feel better. So, when I had the opportunity to do the research for Dr. Dean’s blog, Labyrinth of the Mind, I decided to take a deep dive into EFT again.

Several years ago, one of my mentors introduced me to the relief EFT could bring. I had chronic migraines and used EFT to “tap” on the pain to break the pattern up. I wanted to improve my understanding of this discipline and subscribed to Gary Craig‘s newsletter as well as formed a relationship with Brad Yates. In fact, Brad was so helpful that I did a project with him called Tapping for the Rainforest.

Even though I knew EFT/tapping is an excellent tool, I just got so busy that I didn’t even think to take care of myself using EFT. So, today, I would like for us to review together Dr. Dean’s and Christine Wheeler’s (Dr. Dean’s sister who is a certified EFT practitioner) words. I will make any comments, suggestions, or additions I have to their words in red.

Dr. Dean and Christine Wheeler Describe EFT

Most of the information below comes from Module 42 of Dr. Dean’s Completement Now Health Program. If you are interested in exploring this tool by working with the first four modules free, click here.

Dr. Dean’s Words

I love the fact that anyone can learn how to use EFT to influence their own physical, emotional and mental self. The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is self-administered and self-directed. It doesn’t cost a penny, and it works! Gary Craig created EFT in 1995 (and led the revolution by giving away an EFT manual for free). After 15 years of amazing growth of the EFT movement, Gary surprisingly announced his retirement in January 2010.

You can still go to Gary’s website at Gary’s book, The Unseen Therapist, is available there for a free download. You can download the eBook and launch into your own study, but I’m going to make it even easier for you. My sister Christine Wheeler, who is also a writer, is one of a very few certified EFT practitioners in the world. She was the editor of Gary’s EFT Newsletter and has had a tremendous amount of experience practicing EFT both in her office and on the telephone.

Christine has a How to Do EFT page on her site that you can share with friends and family. But, for members of The Completement Now Health Program, I’m turning this module over to Christine who will share what you need to know to feel comfortable using EFT.

Christine is writing this module at a time when EFT has been proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, to work. It’s been used by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide and the EFT Newsletter has shared thousands of success stories with its half a million readers. One of the best stories I’ve heard from Christine is how she changed her vision from 20/50 to 20/20 using EFT.

I’ll hand over the writing to Christine now…

Christine Wheeler’s Words

Achieving 20/20 Vision with EFT

In a nutshell, after wearing glasses since third grade, I finally had laser vision correction in 2004 and enjoyed 20/20 vision for nearly a year. When my vision started deteriorating again, the eye surgeon charted it at 20/50 and suggested they redo the surgery.

But I did EFT tapping instead and reset my vision to 20/20 within three weeks. An interesting side note is that I never needed the reading glasses that the surgeon said were imminent.

What Is EFT?

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is an easy-to-learn healing technique that its creator, Gary Craig, says you can “try it on anything.”

Based on the principles of acupuncture EFT helps to bring balance into your energy system and into your body, mind and spirit. The basic premise is that anything that is showing up as physical or emotional distress in your body is a result of a disruption in your body’s energy system.

To ease this disruption, you simply use your fingertips to tap on specific acupuncture points as shown in the diagram below. You don’t use needles and you can easily do it yourself.

While you are tapping, you focus your attention on something specific that is bothering you.

People of all ages report great success with EFT once they learn the basics. Children love it and so does one of my clients who is 100 years old.

One of the beautiful things about EFT is that you use the same process every time, no matter what issue, illness or problem you are working on. Once you learn the basics of EFT you can apply it to any circumstance. I marvel at the fact that you can use it on such dissimilar conditions as IBS and fear of public speaking.

EFT, or tapping, is very simple to learn and to apply yourself. I encourage you to practice and be persistent when using EFT. Don’t give up.

Take 20 minutes for yourself, shut the door and turn off the phones. This way you can focus on taking in this information. Have some paper in front of you and print off the EFT Tapping Points so you have them in front of you.

In a nutshell, with EFT tapping, you pinpoint an issue that is bothering you or causing you discomfort or distress. Then you use your fingertips to tap on specific acupuncture points while you are thinking about your issue.

The Tapping Points

Just take a few moments — while you’re looking at the chart — and practice tapping on the points. Don’t bother thinking about anything in particular. Just get used to the points. You might even find that you’re relaxing a bit as you do so – you are giving yourself a mini acupuncture treatment!

You can alternate your hands-using your right fingers on the right side of your body and your left fingers on your left side. Personally, since I’m right hand dominant, I find tapping with my right hand much easier. Just something to think about!

  • Top of Head: Use the tips of your fingers to tap lightly on the top of your
  • Eyebrow: The point at the beginning of the eyebrow near the bridge of the
  • Side of Eye: The point is on the bone at the side of the
  • Under Eye: The point is on the bone under the eye, in line with the
  • Under Nose: The point is midway between the bottom of the nose and top of the
  • Chin: The point is midway between the lower lip and the chin where there is a
  • Collarbone: The point is about one inch down and over towards the outside of where a man would tie his
  • Under Arm: The point is about four inches below the
  • Karate Chop: The point is on the fleshy side of either hand where you would karate chop
  • Sore Spot: This is a point that you can use instead of the karate chop point. Skip this point for now.

EFT: How to Do It, Now!

The Set Up:

Pick a specific issue or problem that you want to tackle with EFT. The first few times you try EFT on your own, start with something rather small so that you can become familiar with the procedure and notice how it feels in your body, mind and energy system. Do not start with the biggest problem that you are facing. Practice EFT. Have some success with it before you tackle the biggies. Let’s say you’re feeling stressed at work. We all know the effect that stress has on our overall health, and EFT is a great tool for reducing stress. Stress is a big topic and later we’ll break it down more but let’s start with this example.

Write down: I’m stressed at work (or home, or school).

When you think about your stress at work (or school or home) notice how much discomfort or distress you are feeling right now about that issue. Notice how you feel in your body when you think about work stress. Rate your discomfort or distress on a scale of 0 (no discomfort at all) to 10 (intense discomfort) and make a note of this rating on your paper. You might even say out loud, “I’m stressed at work” and notice what number on a scale of 0 to 10 pops into your mind. Don’t worry about getting the number right, we are just establishing how stressed you feel right now, and we’ll check in with this number later.

Now, create a statement that acknowledges that you are stressed, and offers a positive affirmation. You have already written “I’m stressed at work (or home, or school).” Now we acknowledge that “despite being stressed, I still love myself.”  (Over time, tapping with many different people, I prefer the affirmation, “Even though…, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”) The essence of the setup statement is that you state the problem or negative issue and follow it with a positive affirmation that indicates an acceptance of self despite the problem.

This would be your setup statement. Write down: Even though I’m stressed at work (or home, or school), I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

If you have trouble saying I deeply and completely love and accept myself – whether it doesn’t fit for you, or you just don’t believe it right now — feel free to adjust the phrase to suit where you are right now. Here are some examples:

Even though I’m stressed at work, I’ll be ok.

Even though I’m stressed at work, I’m still a good person.

Even though I’m stressed at work, I honor where I’m at right now.

Time to start tapping: Using two or three fingers of either hand, continuously tap on the Karate Chop Point (KC) which is located in the middle of the fleshy part on the side of either hand. While you are continuously tapping, repeat your setup statement three times, preferably out loud and with some vigor. It doesn’t matter whether or not you believe the words in your setup statement, just say them anyway.

Repeat out loud three times (3x) while tapping on the Karate Chop Point: Even though I’m stressed at work (or home, or school), I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

The Tapping Sequence

After tapping the karate chop (KC) point and repeating the setup statement three times, continue to focus on your issue by repeating a reminder phrase which briefly describes the problem you are working on.

Your reminder phrase is going to be I’m stressed at work. You’ve already written this down.

Have the chart in front of you so you can see the tapping points. There are 8 basic points to tap on. Use one or two fingers from either hand to tap the points, on your opposite hand. Use a gentle touch as you tap the points, with about the same force as you would use to drum your fingers on the table.

Tap on the points, 6 or 7 times each, while repeating the reminder phrase. This keeps you tuned in to the problem you are working on. In this case it’s “I’m stressed at work.”

All of these tapping points are the end points of acupuncture meridians. As you focus your attention on the problem (stressed at work) you are beginning to balance your energy meridian system regarding that problem. As you repeat the reminder phrase, you are actually neutralizing the negative, disrupted energy about being stressed.

While it might seem strange to tap on your body while saying a negative statement, remember that you are neutralizing the negative statement and not tapping it into your system. What you are doing is acknowledging to your mind, body and spirit that yes, indeed I am stressed, and the tapping soothes your stress (or pain, or sorrow or other emotion) as you tap.

You complete one round of EFT tapping by saying your setup statement 3 times while tapping the KC point and then saying your reminder phrase while tapping all the acupuncture points on the diagram.

The Check-In

When you’ve completed one round of tapping, stop and check in with how you’re feeling right now. When you think of the phrase, I’m stressed at work does it feel any different? Write down the number that representsyour current discomfort or distress. How does it compare to the number you wrote down before tapping?

Stress can be a big problem for so many of us and research indicates stress as being a link to many health problems. So, you might feel some relief from this little bit (one round) of tapping. Even if your level of discomfort has dropped just one point, that is a huge relief to your stressed body mind and spirit.

If you feel like you are chronically stressed, continue this stress tapping exercise several times a day, writing down the number each time. It might take minutes, days or weeks of tapping to calm how you feel about your work stress.

It is very important to be persistent and tap regularly every day.

Getting Specific

If you are having trouble getting your level of discomfort to a zero, then try being more specific when you create your setup statement. What is it about work that is so stressful? Is it your workload? Your boss or coworkers? Try adding specific information to your setup statement and reminder phrase. Then say that phrase three times while tapping on the Karate chop point. Here’s some examples:

Even though I’m stressed at work because my boss constantly yells, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.Reminder phrase while tapping each point: I’m stressed because my boss yells.

Even though I’m stressed at work because my co-worker doesn’t do his share, I’m doing the best I can.Reminder phrase: “Jimmy” doesn’t do his share.

Even though I’m stressed at work because I can’t get everything done, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.Reminder phrase: I can’t get all my work done. 

While EFT is a simple and easy to follow procedure, the human system is very complex. Many people do have success very quickly, frequently within minutes. Sometimes, complex issues and illnesses take more time, effort and detective work to find the perfect thing to tap on. I also encourage you to be persistent and not give up. Often, an EFT practitioner can be a great support to get you tapping in the right direction.

Sample Setup Statements

Here are some examples of simple and general setup statements to help you get started. As you review these phrases, they’ll give you an idea of the wide range of issues that EFT is known to have resolved. The possible issues that you can address with  EFT are endless. Just remember to create a setup statement that describes your specific problem

  • Even though I feel like I have a cold coming on, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.
  • Even though I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.
  • Even though I am afraid of getting the flu, I’d rather stay well.
  • Even though I am craving this chocolate, I’m still a good person.
  • Even though I have this pain in my stomach (neck, back, arm, leg) I deeply and completely love and accept myself.
  • Even though I have this migraine headache, I deeply and completely love andaccept myself.
  • Even though I am worried about my child, I deeply and completely love andaccept myself.
  • Even though I am afraid that I will fail my exam, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.
  • Even though I have these nightmares, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.
  • Even though I have this anger towards my father, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Make It Happen

Review the tapping points and set up phrases. Download the free mini EFT Manual by going to

Set aside about 20 minutes of quiet time and practice tapping on the EFT points. Pick something that is bothersome and practice tapping on it.

Be persistent. The number one mistake that newcomers make is giving up too quickly. Some aches, pains, or emotional hurts can be alleviated with mere minutes of tapping. Others may require hours of tapping. Remember that it took a long time for an emotional or physical issue to become problematic. Although people can experience dramatic results, persistence is the key.

My Invitation to You

I thought it might be fun and helpful to pull back the curtain and let you see some of my process. My current intention, technology allowing, is to share my setup statements and results with you in the Comments section of this blog. This is the setup statement I’ll be tapping on today:

Even though I feel starved for time, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

If you would like to share yours, please write me at, Attn: Melody-Rose.

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