When Writing Dr. Carolyn Dean 
Makes Sense – Part 1

I understand that you want to be heard, and that many doctors who practice allopathic medicine either don’t have time to listen or an answer for you. In sheer frustration, you decide to send a list of your symptoms and test results to “online doctors” like Dr. Mercola or Dr. Axe. Then, you find there is either no way to contact them or their response doesn’t meet your needs. So, you go online and look for anyone who will give you the information and comfort you need, and somehow you find me online. Then, you send your email to me, hoping that I will personally respond.

Why I Usually Can’t Respond

There are three reasons why I usually can’t respond:

  1. I am not your physician, and I have no personal contact with you. So, even if I read your email, I can’t diagnose or prescribe for you. Good medical ethics and your legal protection make me responding to your email practically impossible.
  2. I don’t find test results all that accurate, so most of my focus would be on your clinical presentation. Since I’m not seeing you in person, there’s no way for me to make any such assessment.
  3. Additionally, I’m the owner, creator, and active CEO of a supplement company. As such, my communications are heavily regulated and monitored by the FDA. In order to be consistent with FDA guidelines for supplement companies, I can’t talk about your disease/less-than-perfect condition(s). The FDA’s position is that if you are experiencing a problem, then you must go to a practicing physician for diagnose and prescription of traditional medication(s). Additionally, supplements are intended for maintaining or increasing wellness. So, all I can talk about is how to enhance the structure and function of your cells and organs with our supplements.

The Good News

The good news is that I’ve been involved in the alternative health field for 50 years and am a prolific writer, presenter, and audio and video producer. Regulations don’t prevent you from searching for the information I’ve published in the past. In fact, I encourage you to do so, because doing your own research is very empowering. There are very few questions that I haven’t already answered. So, in my next two posts, I’m going to review all the resources you might explore to find your own answers.

“Google” Can Help You Find the Right Archive

My archives are divided among a few websites. So, you can use “Google” or whatever search engine you like, to find out which archive best suits your needs. Use the search string, “Dr. Carolyn Dean [topic]” usually will generate dozens of article, posts, and recordings to investigate. Here is an example of a search string:

“Dr. Carolyn Dean AFib”

My Archives

Here is a screen shot of the result:

Here are the links to various websites in my archives along with a description of what you will find on each site:– This is my written blog. Here is where I write about the current medical research I’m reviewing and other hot current topics. One of the most looked at posts here is My Supplement Recommendations.– Here is where you will find our Monday email blasts that talk about my internet radio show, the recordings of the show, and over a dozen free eBooks and reports that in my view everyone should read.– These posts are designed for people who are not as familiar with integrative medicine or my work as the regular readers of my other blogs or long time listeners of my radio show.– My YouTube channel. My webinars and other videos are located here.– This is the link to subscribe to my podcasts.– I wrote these articles for Natural Health News.

Searching My Archives

There is a powerful search feature on each of my archives. Let me give you a couple of sample screen shots of where to find the search box.

Email Blasts

For those who want to keep up with my latest information, you can subscribe to my email list at This is a double opt-in system, so you will be required to confirm your subscription by email. Here are the types of information that I might communicate by email:

  • the topic for my Monday night show (This email comes out around 3:30 p.m. eastern time on Mondays.)
  • my latest blog post from
  • emails containing testimonials and information from other customers about how they use our products
  • introduction of new products, restocking of products that have been unavailable, and discount announcements

Let’s Take a Deep Dive into How You Can Use These Resources

Now that you have a general overview of my archives and the resources that are available to you so that you can find your own answers, I would like to show you how to use one specific resource that can be invaluable when you make your health choices. As I said earlier, I have made over a dozen free eBooks and reports available on

My Future Health Now Encyclopedia

So, you understand what an amazing tool my Future Health Now Encyclopedia is, here is some of its background. This is taken from the Introduction to the book.

“When You Can’t Reach the Doctor is the original title of the first edition of this book written in 1988. Its subsequent title in the second and third edition with Keats Publishing and then NCT Publishing was Natural Prescriptions for Common AilmentsFuture Health Now Encyclopedia is the title of the greatly expanded fifth edition and this is the fourth version. FHN is a health encyclopedia that offers a natural approach to health that has produced successful results for thousands of clinic patients and telephone clients from around the world.

Instilled in this book is the knowledge that the body is in a constant state of growth and repair and ever in need of suitable building blocks. You may have been attracted to this book because you reject the suggestion that there are only drug solutions to your problems or that your health is solely in the hands of your doctor or that staying healthy is too complex a goal for you to attempt. You may also live with the hope and expectation that you can be well and you can be healed. We all do. Future Health Now Encyclopedia provides simple solutions to put you in control of your own health using nontoxic, noninvasive health options and choices.

The outlined treatments offer safe alternatives to drugs and surgery or they may be used in conjunction with medication or while awaiting the results of diagnostic tests. In the gap of time between discovering symptoms and being given a specific diagnosis, definitive medical treatment is usually withheld. This period of time can be best utilized by investigating and incorporating safe natural remedies suited to your situation. Most diseases have multiple causes and are only treatable by skillfully combining various therapies.

We are living in an ever-changing world of many options and choices at all levels of society, including medicine. We can no longer ascribe to the allopathic notion that one symptom evokes one diagnosis which only a prescription drug can “cure.” To ignore this common truth is to remain in a suffocating box without knowledge. It is, however, very important to remember that conventional medicine and natural medicine are not mutually exclusive. It is no longer a matter of using either/or; we have the ability to use both. We can take advantage of highly sophisticated medical technology to diagnose disease and then use natural medicine either in place of or in conjunction with necessary surgery or prescription medication.

Frequently, natural remedies can solve the problem entirely – we see it all the time. In other instances, natural approaches can speed healing and alleviate the side effects of more conventional and invasive therapies. And certainly, nutritional approaches are the best course of action to prevent the onset of certain diseases. If you have lingering or undiagnosed health problems,
especially after much effort has been made, please avail yourself of every possible option, which includes seeking out the advice of both medical doctors and naturopathic doctors.”

How Do I Use Future Health Now Encyclopedia?

Let’s work through a typical scenario together so that you understand how you can use FHN. In this example, your best friend was diagnosed years ago with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and no matter what she’s done, she never feels good. You are thinking of writing me with details, but then you remember that you downloaded my Future Health Now Encyclopedia. So, you decide to look and see if I’ve already written about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Step One – Look at Table of Contents

Look in the Table of Contents to see if Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is included in FHN. As you can see, I talk about alternatives starting on page 189. Turn to that page and follow along with me.

Step Two – Read the General Introductory Information

Here is the general introductory information I wrote about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome:

“This condition has been called many names: Epstein-Barr syndrome and yuppie flu; the British call it Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME); but it is commonly referred to as chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). In the 1988 edition of this book, I called it Epstein Barr Virus. The unwieldy Myalgic Encephalomyelitis is actually the most accurate name because it identifies the muscles and brain as the target sites of symptoms. Some researchers say that it appears to be a reactivation of an already present mononucleosis-like virus called Epstein-Barr. Up to 90% of the population have antibodies to Epstein-Barr, meaning they have had a previous infection with that virus.

To most sufferers, CFS begins like a normal cold or flu but progresses to a severe mono-like infection leaving you feeling extremely fatigued and run down. Symptoms include constant headaches, swollen glands, periodic fevers and chills, muscle aches and pains, muscle weakness, sore throat, and numbness and tingling of the extremities. The general feeling is one of incredible fatigue, inability to do even the simplest of tasks, unable to exercise without collapsing and an inability to cope with any stress. The cognitive dysfunction seems to be the worst part of the illness. You can’t seem to write, do math, think, or remember even the simplest things.

Pain is another key to the diagnosis of CFS. The pain can be anywhere in the body and often leads to multiple investigations and even surgeries in search of the elusive cause. Fibromyalgia, which means pain in the muscles, can be a complication of CFS. The inflammation and pain in the muscles may be due to a buildup of toxins from the environment – heavy metals, pesticides, food additives, and pollution, along with toxic waste products from underlying infection with viruses, bacteria, yeast, or parasites.

However, the symptoms of fatigue, numbness and tingling, muscle aches, pain, and inflammation all line up with severe magnesium deficiency. No one has ever looked at magnesium and mineral deficiency as an underlying cause of CFS.

Read the section on Fibromyalgia for more information. According to allopathic medicine, in order to be diagnosed with true chronic fatigue you have to have the above symptoms for six months.

Doctors still don’t know specifically what “causes” CFS, but I believe that the population as a whole and our immune systems, are excessively stressed and each stressor causes magnesium loss. We are stressed with hundreds of magnesium-depleting drugs and chemicals that invade our bodies from the air, water and food; a highly refined, nutrient-poor diet; electromagnetic radiation from trillions of machines and appliances; and too great a focus on material gain.

In this toxic soup of an environment latent viruses are reactivated and the body is not strong enough to fight them off. Infection caused by chronic yeast overload is another factor in at least 50% of CFS cases. Toxins (178 of them) are produced by yeast in the intestines and can cause many of the symptoms of CFS.

Compared to chronic yeast overgrowth, CFS may have more immune system depression and with the potential underlying viral infection, there is a low-grade fever and much more fatigue. When the immune system is compromised, the normal yeast in the intestines overgrows, invading the surrounding intestinal lining causing irritation and inflammation, poking holes in the intestines and creating a “leaky gut.” A leaky gut allows absorption of partially digested foods, which in turn creates allergic reactions. Also, an environment that grows yeast harbors parasites that begin multiplying and producing toxins. Read the sections on Yeast Overgrowth and Parasites to see how to treat these conditions.

Conventional doctors try to find the one cause of a condition and the one prescription drug that will “cure” it. That’s why conventional medicine finds it difficult to treat diseases with multifactorial causes because they are accustomed to researching and treating one symptom at a time. In most cases of chronic fatigue, there is usually more than one cause. And that’s also why CFS used to be treated as a psychological or psychiatric disorder by conventional medicine. Allopathic medicine still doesn’t know how to properly treat CFS.

A composite picture of the typical person diagnosed with CFS is female, thirty to fifty years of age, who works closely with the public and is frequently exposed to infections. She is extremely overworked, was recently immunized, traveled abroad, was exposed to parasites, had surgery, has taken numerous antibiotics over the years, and developed chronic yeast overgrowth. She has a history of mononucleosis in her teens from which she never recovered and developed allergies and chronic sinus and bladder infections. When she took the birth control pill, she developed chronic yeast infections.

A diagnostic clue to CFS is total collapsing fatigue after even mild exercise. Exercise usually helps people who are depressed but not someone with CFS.

If you have CFS, you have probably been investigated and told that there is nothing wrong with you. Next come the prescriptions for Prozac or Zoloft and Ativan and a referral to a psychiatrist. It can be depressing in itself to realize your doctor doesn’t believe that you are as sick as you feel. CFS is not a psychological illness, but it can be very depressing when your condition is not
understood. Even worse is the fact that the drugs you are given will drain your body of more magnesium. Prozac is especially dangerous because it contains 3 fluoride molecule that irreversibly bind magnesium and deposit the brittle compound MgFl2 into bones, joints and tissues making it unavailable for its 700-800 enzyme functions in the body – including producing energy and treating pain and inflammation!

An interesting aspect of the CFS state is the amount of time people spend worrying and thinking about problems, worrying about the past, worrying about relationships, worrying about money or even just thinking about what they did yesterday. All this time invested in thoughts of the past means some of your energy is unavailable to you in the present; this can be very draining. Difficult though it may be, imagining that you are happy and well and taken care of can help attract those blessings to you.”

Step Three – Explore My Diet Suggestions

Here are my suggestions for changing your diet, if you experience CFS:

“Treating CFS begins with a healthy organic diet to avoid pesticides, chemicals and genetically modified plants that have crept into our food supply. Check the section on Optimum Eating Plan to determine your own regimen based on blood types. Also incorporate a yeast-free diet as outlined in the section on Yeast Overgrowth. Avoid all food additives and chemicals in your diet. Aspartame (NutraSweet) causes 92 symptoms, including fatigue and should be avoided. Read the section on Detoxing Sugar & Aspartame for more information.”

Step Four – Research My Supplement Recommendations

“Some alternative medicine doctors say there are dozens of nutrients that can be helpful in treating CFS. However, the cost and the amount of pills that have to be taken can be overwhelming. I’ve refined the treatment of CFS to the following:

* ReMag, a 100% absorbed, bioavailable, non-laxative magnesium. Dosage: ½-1 tsp twice per day. This mineral drives 700-800 enzyme systems and is responsible for the production of energy in the body. Click on the Books link at Dr. Carolyn Dean Live to download the free eBook, ReMag: Invisible Minerals Part I. Make sure to take enough magnesium to maintain an optimum level of Magnesium RBC at 6.0-6.5mg/dL.

* ReMyte multiple mineral, which contains 12 complementary minerals. Dosage: ½ tsp three times per day. Click on the Books link at Dr. Carolyn Dean Live to download the free eBook ReMyte & ReCalcia: Invisible Minerals Part II.

* Vitamin B complex: Use ReAline: Contains several methylated and food-based B vitamins along with L-methionine and L-taurine from natural sources. It is a safe, natural detoxifier that assists any condition. Dosage: 1 capsule twice per day.

* Whole C ReSet is a food-based, organic Vitamin C and one of our Completement Formulas. It supports the structure and function of connective tissue and helps repair worn out adrenal glands. Dosage: One tablet, once or twice daily.

* Blue Ice Royal: Fermented Cod Liver Oil and Butter Oil provide balanced doses of Essential Fatty Acids, Vitamin D, Vitamin A, and Vitamin K2. Dosage: 1 capsule twice per day or ½ tsp per day.

* Probiotics: This supplement replenishes the intestines with good bacteria that help digest and absorb food and give bulk to the stool improving transit time. I recommend Flora ReVive. Dosage: Take one capsule on waking and one capsule at bedtime. Best taken on an empty stomach, 30 minutes away from food. However, it can be taken with food and it does not require refrigeration. If you have a sensitive gut, you may begin by taking one per day for one week before adding the second capsule of Flora ReVive.

* RnA ReSet Drops: A unique product made from barley sprouts that produces a unique cell called the iCell, which helps make perfect cells and balances body, mind, and spirit. I describe them on page 14 of this book and you can also go to RnA ReSet for dosage instructions and more information.

NOTE: Over the 9 years of making RnA ReSet Drops, 142 of 144 RnA ReSet batches did not show gluten, however, because of those 2 positive tests, we choose to declare that we are not gluten free on our label.”


Step Five – Investigate My Herb Suggestions

“* Wild oregano oil: one capsule twice daily. It has anti-infective properties that help lower the levels of virus, bacteria, yeast, and parasites in the body, taking pressure off the immune system and lowering the toxic load.

* Echinacea tincture: 10 drops each morning in water preventively during flu epidemics.”

Step Six – Possibly Check with a Homeopathist

“* Constitutional homeopathic remedies can help CFS, but if your vital force is very low, homeopathic remedies might create a healing reaction that can make you even more fatigued, therefore, they should be taken under the supervision of a homeopath or naturopath.

* Oscillococcinum can be safely taken at the first sign of a cold or flu.”

Step Seven – Familiarize Yourself with the Summary

“I know CFS can be overwhelming; here is the very basic treatment protocol that you can begin. CFS and fibromyalgia are caused by a combination of yeast overgrowth, a lack of magnesium and a deficiency of minerals that leads to thyroid, adrenal, and sex hormone weakness. The list of symptoms and conditions related to FM and CFS is long and can be overwhelming to the mind
adding to the chronic stress and suffering.

  1. Rest: Read Lying Down Therapy
  2. Walk outside for at least a few minutes a day.
  3. Balance minerals (ReMag, ReMyte)
  4. Treat yeast. See the Yeast Overgrowth section.
  5. Detox (with ReAline)
  6. Take RnA ReSet Drops to make “perfect” cells
  7. “Know” that you will get well

Women of “action” are hit the most with CFS and FM and they want to keep taking action to fix it. It’s actually not a matter of “fighting” these conditions – the opposite is necessary – relaxing and allowing as your genius body takes over and the new perfect cells you are creating are not affected by words of hopelessness.”


With dozens and dozens of health-related conditions discussed in Future Health Now Encyclopedia, it is very unlikely that I haven’t covered your personal situation in some way. So, please use and share FHN freely so that you, like many of our other customers, take your health power back into your hands.

In my next blog, I will be discussing what others tools you can use to inform your health choices. Then, I will let you know when writing me makes the most sense. HINT: It’s after you’ve done your own research and implemented at least some of my suggestions. 🙂


Dr. Carolyn Dean

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