When Writing Dr. Carolyn Dean
 Makes Sense – Part 2

In my last post I started outlining how you can begin to take your health power back into your own hands. The first step in this process is familiarizing yourself with all the tools you can use to find your own answers and be confident in making your own health care decisions. I understand it may take some time to acclimate yourself to doing your own research and having faith in your own choices. After all, allopathic medicine is based on “experts” telling you what to do, and you doing exactly what your doctor suggests, many times without being allowed to ask questions or share a difference of opinion. That is why it is so important that you understand that I am giving you well-researched, proven resources, which my patients and customers have used since I became a doctor 40 years ago. In the spirit of that trust, let’s continue reviewing how to use the tools in my archives.

Dr. Dean’s Homeopathic Guidebook

Combined with my Future Health Now Encyclopediamy Homeopathic Guidebook is a powerful one-two punch of information and suggestions so that you know you have proven choices, when you want to create more wellness, regardless of the situation you find yourself in.

Why I’m Suggesting Using Homeopathics

These are my reasons for making homeopathy more prominent in my health and wellness recommendations. They are included in the Introduction to my Homeopathic Guidebook.

“First, I received an email from a customer, who has been studying and using homeopathy for several years. She said that homeopathy combined with the Completement Formulas is helping her restore her health.

She asked if I was familiar with Americans for Homeopathy Choice – a group of homeopathy consumers, mostly moms, who are actively working to defend our right to choose homeopathy, if that is what we think is best for ourselves and our families. She said the group has gotten the FDA’s attention and is in dialogue with them. She thought that Paola Brown, the president of the organization, and I should speak and see if there is a way to team up in our efforts to protect people’s right to choose the healing options that are best for them.

As a result of this emailed conversation, I did a show in my Doctor-to-Doctor series on Homeopathy. Click here to listen to the recording.

The second reason I decided to make homeopathy a more prominent part of my recommendations was an eye-opening email from a customer. She was concerned about how to stay well.

She wrote: ‘My biggest confusion is about when to go to the doctor. Can someone heal themselves without having to go through the headache and anxiety of going to the doctor? Or does someone have to go to the doctor and get their diagnosis, and then we, as knowledgeable beings, should then decide what we want to do? Or is it better to go to a Naturopath and they give a diagnosis and take the natural approach to everything? How long should one wait until they seek medical advice on any health issues? There is so much confusion out there about going to a medical doctor, who is not open to alternative options and who just gives meds with horrible side effects.’”

I imagine most of us share these concerns and questions. Let me take each question and give my reaction.

“Question One: ‘Can someone heal themselves without having to go through the headache and anxiety of going to the doctor?’

I do think that we are in charge of our own health or that we should be. We know more about our bodies that any doctor can ever know in a 7-minute appointment. But in our specialist world we have left the specialty of health and wellness to doctors that deal in disease. We think our doctor will help to keep us well but their mandate is to search for disease and treat that disease diagnosis with drugs or surgery. Naturopaths may have a different approach but too many of them simply recommend handfuls of supplements instead of drugs.

OK, so I’m implying that doctors are not going to be there for you and naturopaths are going to say you need to buy their supplements. What’s left? When I was in my Toronto family practice, I wrote my first book, it was called, When You Can’t Reach the Doctor. I wrote it because I recognized that patients came to my office with a fairly small number of common complaints. That first book went through several revisions and updates and is now the 563-page Future Health Now Encyclopedia. In that book, I listed a number of homeopathic remedies that actually became a Homeopathic Kit for my patients. That Kit is no longer available but I think it’s time to bring forth a new one. More on that in a moment.

In order to make use of a homeopathic kit you have to start learning more about your body, your health, and common complaints. I’ll make that task easy for you by offering my Future Health Now Encyclopedia to our customers for free. Some people feel that free gifts like this are not valued, but I know that our customers highly value our Completement Formulas and, as expressed by our customer, who is asking how to approach the dilemma of medical diagnosis, I think you are all ready to take more responsibility for your own health.

Question Two: ‘Or does someone have to go to the doctor and get their diagnosis, and then we, as knowledgeable beings, should then decide what we want to do?’

I have always said that it is important to get a diagnosis from your doctor and then decide what you want to do. However, if you actually study the 130 ailments in Future Health Now Encyclopedia you will know what a fever or a headache or a nosebleed is and be able to take remedies for it while you are contemplating seeing your doctor. Very often after a dose or two of an appropriate remedy, your symptoms have abated and your doctor pronounces you well. You may feel that you don’t even require a doctor’s visit. But I do have to say that you should always err on the side of caution and see your doctor or go to the ER. The concern I have about seeing doctors unnecessarily is misdiagnosing something like magnesium deficiency for a serious health condition; or giving an antibiotic that has serious side effects for a viral cold; or giving pain medications instead of recommending you to a chiropractor.

Question Three: ‘Or is it better to go to a Naturopath and they give a diagnosis and take the natural approach to everything?’

I mentioned naturopaths and their tendency to over-prescribe supplements. There is also the same caution as with medical doctors that you want to take more responsibility for your health and not leave it all up to a health practitioner who has no way of knowing you as you know yourself.

Question Four: ‘How long should one wait until they seek medical advice on any health issues?’

As I’ve said above, learn about the 130 ailments in my book so that if you have a symptom you can quickly look it up and decide the next step. But whether you decide to stay home or if you decide to go to the doctor, follow the recommendations in Future Health Now Encyclopedia and observe your symptoms. My third reason for going back to homeopathy was the recent realization that most of the supplement companies that I recommended over the years have been bought out by Clorox, Nestle, and Big Pharma. Having supplements owned by publicly traded mega corporations means the quality of the products is at risk as shareholder’s demand lower costs and higher dividends. High quality raw ingredients could be a thing of the past. Practitioners who do energy machine testing or muscle of supplements for quality are telling me that there is a noticeable decline. Because I can’t be assured of the organic, pure, high quality of supplements on the market how can I tell you to take this or that herb, vitamin, or mineral for a health complaint? Instead I’ll start recommending that you study my Future Health Now Encyclopedia, use our Completement Formulas, purchase a Homeopathic Kit, and become fully engaged in your own wellness with effective solutions.”

How to Use My Homeopathic Guidebook

Step One: Look Up Your Topic in my Future Health Now Encyclopedia. Read my suggestions for using homeopathics.

Step Two: Review the short and long descriptions for the suggested homeopathics, starting on page 16 of my Homeopathic Guidebook.

Step Three: If you want to see more suggestions, before you decide to use a specific homeopathic, you can research symptoms in Appendix A of my Homeopathic Guidebook.

Step Four: Give one dose (in this case one small pill) and wait to see what relief it brings. If things begin to improve do not repeat the dose, unless the case stops improving before a full recovery is reached for the same symptoms return (i.e., the case relapses). If the symptoms change significantly, select a new remedy to fit the new picture. If in any doubt, wait. Giving the body more medicine than it needs will not improve or speed up the action of the medicine.

Step Five: Certain substances are known to antidote certain homeopathic medicines in some people. It is, therefore, advisable to avoid these substances, if possible: Coffee (including decaffeinated), mint (notably in toothpaste), camphor, menthol, eucalyptus (often found in vapor rubs and cold remedies). Keep remedies in a cool dark place away from strong odors (and small children).

Where Do I Purchase Homeopathics?

Many people purchase their homeopathics at their local health food store or online. But, as a convenience, I had Mary Aspinwall, one of the speakers on my Doctor-to-Doctor series develop a Homeopathic Kit for my customers. Here are my views on the Homeopathic Home Remedy Kit I provide as one choice for you.

“Why a Homeopathic Home Remedy Kit and why now? Many years ago, I developed such a kit and made it available to patients for several years. I thought that people should have remedies at their fingertips to deal with minor aches, pains, colds, flus, and emotional upset. Far too often I hear of people going to the ER or their doctor for minor conditions only to end up on a drug such as an antibiotic. That type of behavior has led to the widespread overuse of antibiotics and the horrific antibiotic resistance we are seeing today. Then in 2018 I realized the all the supplement companies that I’ve been recommending over the years have sold out to huge corporate entities like Clorox and Nestle with Big Pharma hovering on the sidelines. Large corporations are beholden to their stockholders not to the public, so I’m afraid that the quality of supplements will suffer and I no longer feel comfortable recommending products that are not under my control.

Basically, I want to provide my customers with safe and effective solutions. Instead of starting the process all over again of having a homeopathic company make me a kit, I found one that closely matched the one I created in the past. The 36-remedy kit that I have available for you was developed by Homeopath, Mary Aspinwall, who also provides homeopathic phone and Skype consultations to the public. For those of you who want to learn more about homeopathy, you can go to Mary’s site for free resources, you can also join her Facebook Forum, or you can consult with her personally.”


Researching and applying the information in my Future Health Now Encyclopediaand Dr. Dean’s Homeopathic Guidebook can help you deal with hundreds of common imbalances. Using my suggestions will at least help you stabilize while you are waiting a doctor’s appointment and doing your own research about your circumstances. At best, you can successfully work with many situations and create more wellness in your life.

I Need to Improve My Cardiovascular Health

Heart disease has become a dreaded condition because most people know it means a handful of medications and the certain knowledge that things are only going to get worse. But what if heart disease has a strong element of magnesium deficiency? What if you have magnesium deficiency and not heart disease? What if you have been misdiagnosed? After all, your doctor probably didn’t do an ionized magnesium blood test to find out how much magnesium is in your cells working away at 1,000 enzyme processes and involved with 80% of known metabolic functions. Wouldn’t it be important to know that information? Of course, it would. But doctors have been swept up in the pharmaceutical treatment of the body and have ignored the nutrient building blocks that keep us alive.

To truly find out what your heart and body require to stay healthy, I have a number of resources that are waiting for you to engage:

  • Read my eBook, Atrial Fibrillation: ReMineralize Your Heart. This is why reading this is so important:

Let me say at the outset that even though the main title of this book is Atrial Fibrillation– I recommend that anyone who has been told they have heart disease to focus on the second half of the title – ReMineralize Your Heart. My thesis is that magnesium deficiency can play a huge role in throwing the structure and function of the heart in disarray. My question becomes, “What if your heart symptoms are really magnesium deficiency symptoms? And what if saturating your body with a non-laxative magnesium like ReMag to overcome that magnesium deficiency results in fewer heart symptoms?” I ask, wouldn’t this possibility be worth exploring? That is the premise of Atrial Fibrillation: ReMineralize Your Heart.

Here is a link to a free PDF of the book:

(2) Watch my webinar on Heart Health so that you understand what you can do to improve the structure and function of your heart cells:

Your Healthy Heart Webinar
Streamed live on Jan 10, 2019

(3) Take ReMag Liquid as I suggest in the attached suggestions for ReMag use.

How Do I Improve My Thyroid Health?

PLEASE NOTE: When I discuss thyroid imbalance as possibly autoimmune in nature, I see hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism as a time continuum, with hyper- as a diagnosis often made in the early stages and hypo- in the later stages of an autoimmune issue.

Hyperthyroidism is an autoimmune disease where the body is “attacking” thyroid tissue causing inflammation and often creating thyroid antibodies which makes it a diagnosis of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. Most Hashimoto’s is diagnosed after the inflammatory stage when the thyroid is “burnt out” and hypothyroid.

My theory on the most common cause of autoimmune thyroiditis is yeast overgrowth. Many of the 178 yeast antibodies produced by yeast can block hormone receptors, including the thyroid and cause thyroid tissue damage. Thus, yeast treatment should be part of the hyperthyroid protocol. Yeast can flare and recede and can account for the hypo/hyper teeter/totter effect that some people have with their thyroid imbalance.

One of the causes of hyperthyroidism is taking too much iodine, so most doctors caution against taking any iodine if  you have hyperthyroidism. However, the reason iodine can be a problem is because it begins the cascade of compounds that leads to thyroid hormone. The cascades get jammed up and problematic if there is not enough selenium and the other 7 minerals required to make thyroid hormone.

See this article – The Thyroid Requires 9 Minerals

Read my eBooks: Total Body ReSet for the ThyroidInvisible Minerals: ReMagInvisible Minerals: ReMyte and ReCalcia

Watch this Webinar: Total Body ReSet for the Thyroid

ReMag helps treat the inflammatory aspect of hyperthyroidism.

And ReMyte can help unblock the cascade and help heal the thyroid by providing the thyroid with minerals it may be missing. ReMyte does have the very low RDA of iodine so if people with hyperthyroidism try it, they should do it very slowly, starting with 10 drops a day and slowly working up. One quarter tsp = 30 drops.

To begin the yeast overgrowth treatment – please read my book, ReSet the Yeast Connection.

What Do I Do for Autoimmune Issues?

The best booklet to start your wellness journey with is my Total Body Meltdown and the 65 Reasons Why, so you can understand what may be happening to your body.

Here is a link to download a free PDF of this eBook:

Improving Your Immune System

As I said in my latest eBook, Pico Silver: Clearing Up the Controversy:

“I’ve been aware of silver as an immune booster for many years. Silver in the alternative health community is usually marketed as colloidal silver –a suspension of silver particles in water. I have recommended a couple of legitimate colloidal silver products over the years. However, I never felt any benefit from them when I used them. One day I had a flash of inspiration. I realized our chemist could make a superior and safe form of silver that would be compatible with our other minerals by applying the proprietary techniques used in transforming the minerals in our ReMag, ReMyte, and ReCalcia into stabilized ions.

There is widespread controversy about the use of colloidal silver. Is it safe, is it effective, how do I know what product to trust? In this booklet I explain how Pico Silver is not a colloidal silver compound. It is a stabilized ion of silver, which makes it both safe and effective. The silver ions that make up Pico Silver:

  • Attach to White Blood Cells (WBCs) to seek and destroy bacteria, viruses, and fungi and augment the myriad other functions of WBCs.
  • Detoxify the debris from dying organisms, thus curtailing the Herxheimer reaction as they fight infection.
  • Stimulate stem cell production enhancing all tissue lines and participating in tissue regeneration including remarkable wound healing.
  • Do not build up in tissues.
  • Enhance the intestinal Microbiome.”

So, you can maintain and improve your immunity by doing what I do and take 1 teaspoon of Pico Silver every day. Then, if you have an acute situation, you can increase the amount you use. See my suggestions starting on page 17 of this book.

When Would You Benefit from Writing Me?

Over the last few months, I consciously decided to review for your empowerment the information available on my websites – blogs, articles, recordings, and free books – so that you understand what is available for your own research. As you can see, you can explore this information, make educated health choices, and begin to use the tools I suggest BEFORE you ever put pen to paper. Once you have done your own research, made some choices, and implemented those decisions, then, when your product use needs tweaking, it’s a good time to write At this point, you understand the common themes that run through my work (feeding mineral deficiencies and resetting your yeast load), are familiar with my language and the rhythm of how I share my thoughts, have activated your body’s own drive toward wellness, had some changes, and your body is ready to expand to the next level of wellness. This is an excellent time to write for support.

When your email comes into my customer representatives, if they can help you or answer your question(s), they will. If they are unfamiliar with your situation, then they will send your email to me for comment. When I comment, they will send you my response. This process usually takes at least 48 hours.

I’m looking forward to seeing many empowered writers and customers use my archives!


Dr. Carolyn Dean