Tonight’s Guest: Lorraine Andres and Eating for your Blood Type – with Dr. Dean

September 23, 2019 Hour One
September 23, 2019 Hour Two

Tonight  Dr. Dean will be talking with Lorraine Andres, the Founder of True Health Canada. Lorraine is a Registered Holistic Nutrition Practitioner as well as an experienced practitioner in the fields of live blood microscopy and holistic practices with horses – one of God’s most graceful creatures! Lorraine also has a tremendous background working with the Blood Type Diet – one of Dr. Deans favorite program. Do you know your blood type – if so, you can call in and talk with Lorraine about the food choices that are best for you?

Lorraine has become known by many of our listeners throughout Canada for her work with the Total Body ReSet and her ability to integrate her wide range of nutritional approaches and testing methods to improve health, vitality and well being with into the program! Lorraine loves to teach people to how eat to thrive in every stage of life.

What is wonderful about Lorraine is that she is so similar to our own Dr. Dean – they are definitely kindred souls!  Lorraine has also put her own personal truth into action in her health clinic in Kelowna and has helped so many through her commitment and compassion.

Tonight, join Lorraine Andres and Dr. Carolyn Dean for a wonderful, dynamic exchange between two powerful women who are passionate about the possibilities a holistic health approach offers Lorraine brings a valuable perspective to the discussion of many health conditions and diseases along with practical solutions for all.  

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    • Hello, Mike

      You’ll love the Eat for Your Blood Type book! It’s pretty radical and very fun. Please get a copy through Amazon.

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