Do I Have to Exercise to be the One My Partner Fell in Love with?

How many of you look in the mirror and wish you saw the person you were before “life happened” to you? You know the lady or gentleman with the trim physique, bright eyes, shiny hair, and superb muscle tone. How did you get here, and better yet, how do you revive that attractive, energized you?

How You Got Here

Your Body Doesn’t Have Enough of the Best Fuel.

As I said earlier, “life happened.” People don’t plan on eating a diet that is fairly devoid of nutrition. They get busy. It’s easier to pick up convenience foods from the grocery store or fast food than it is to get a bit educated about nutrition and plan, shop, and cook nutrient-rich food. While this choice is voluntary, what about the eating choices that are not, i.e., demineralization of the soil? Lack of nutrients that should be in food is beyond one’s control, for the most part.

I’ve written about the best nutrition plans in great detail in the past. For those who haven’t looked at this information, please read my eBooks, ReSet the Yeast Connection and ReSet Your Ideal Weight. You can also search the blog on the website, using the terms, “weight loss” or “diet” to read more.

Your Body Doesn’t Get the Exercise It Needs.

A regular exercise routine, even walking every day, takes time folks don’t think they have. In any event, people feel they are too tired to exercise when they come home from a stressful day at work and then deal with the joys and challenges of family life. They plunk themselves down on the couch to watch television, while their children spend most of their time sitting around playing with their smart phones. Most families don’t go for a group walk after dinner, so they even lose that opportunity to exercise.

For Beginners

If you recognize the above scenario, then you know how you lost the you you once were. Now, what can you do about it? The simple answer is: “Yes, you have to exercise.” As I said in my Completement Now Health Program:

If you are ambulatory, you are already moving throughout your day. You just don’t equate that with a workout. But once I point it out, you’ll realize you’ve been exercising all the time…or you potentially could be.

One of the reasons we may have a psychological block to exercise is that we think we have to devote a single large chunk of our day to it. Where can anyone find a half hour or an hour to do anything more than what we’re doing now? But what if you put in a few minutes here and there? That’s right, they all add up!

If you do a few minutes of [a few] exercises interspersed throughout your day, then you are probably already getting about 30 minutes in total. 

If you are interested in learning about the pillars of health I work with, you can start with the first four module free trial of The Completement Now Health Program.

Why Does Your Body Need Exercise?

The article, The Science of Exercise Shows Benefits Beyond Weight Loss, quotes a study by Dr. Cheng where she lists some of the benefits of exercise:

Many of the benefits of exercise have been known for quite a long time, notes Dr. Cheng, the author of “Interrogating the Age-Old Wisdom of Exercise,” an editorial in a recent issue of the journal Circulation. Exercise reduces weight, lowers blood pressure, prevents diabetes, improves cholesterol, increases muscle strength, improves sleep quality, improves mood, and even sharpens the mind.

“But these are all just the signs, if you will, of the multisystemic benefits of exercise,” Dr. Cheng says. “What we still don’t know is exactly how exercise is able to bring about all these wonderful benefits. Still, the Finnish study nicely confirmed that exercise reduces weight and improves cholesterol and suggests that exercise is associated with lower levels of inflammation.”

I also talk about the cardiovascular benefits and benefits to diabetics of exercise in my post, Exercise Is Better Than Drugs:

We knew it all along but researchers have finally confirmed that Exercise is better than Drugs. It’s not just that exercise is better but it doesn’t cause harm, like drugs do. The study title reads: “Exercise May Match Medication in Reducing Mortality Associated with Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes.” Since science can’t come to any conclusions or offer any advice, it’s going to say exercise “may” match medication. So, I’m taking the leap and telling you that exercise is better than drugs. Journalists reporting on this study say that “Researchers may be concentrating so much on pharmaceutical interventions that they downplay or even ignore the health benefits of exercise.” I’ve said the same thing many times. Doctors who don’t exercise and don’t eat properly themselves are the last people to give advice. They also don’t get paid to talk to you about lifestyle interventions so they don’t spend any time on it.

Now that we have established that exercise will help restore the you you feel is lost, let’s talk about easy ways to introduce exercise into your daily routine. If you are interested in learning how to exercise more, read on!

For Intermediates

The first thing I tell people when they start adding movement to their day is to:

Be Flexible

Here’s how I describe that process in Module 68 of my Completement Health Now Program:

Let’s add to those minutes with spurts of activity amidst your sedentary lifestyle! I’ll even give it a name: Interval Training. Research shows that several 5-minute sessions of heightened activity followed by rest may be more beneficial than a whole hour of exercise.

So, by following these routines you can get a great workout in less time than you thought. What do you gain? Weight loss, more energy, better health and more confidence. All in 5-minute chunks spread throughout the day.

That jump rope in the corner, the mini trampoline that you bought and swore you would use every day, the free weights hidden out of sight in your closet. All those things can be retrieved and put in plain sight to remind you to use them for 5 minutes here and there. The key to moving your body is to not only be flexible physically but also in your mind. Be ready to change your form of exercise at the drop of a hat. That’s rule one.

Do What You Love

I continue with my second tip:

The second rule is to only do the exercises you really love and really want to do. I give you plenty of choices in my Completement Now Health! series and also in this module so you won’t cop out and say you’re off the hook because you don’t love exercise. Like I said earlier, if you’re moving, you’re already exercising.

Find Your Happy Place

My third tip involves self-experimenting to find what works for you. Some people will make a commitment to add one exercise in the morning and one at night and will feel marvelous. I’m not one of those people. So, I include my description of what puts me in my happy place so that exercise is fun, and not just another job:

I used to have arguments with myself beginning each night about doing or not doing my yoga routine in the morning. And each morning I’d cop out and find a dozen other things to do – and they weren’t exercise! So now I go for a walk just as the sky is lighting up and feel fantastic when I get back. It’s something I look forward to, which guarantees I’ll keep doing it.

I also realized it’s a multitasking thing with me. I have to do several things at once to make me feel it’s worthwhile or that I’m being “productive!” So, until I get that rule out of my head, I’ll do a half hour of yoga stretches while listening to an audio tape while watching the yoga instructions from a DVD on my computer.

Now that you have my three tips to create your happy exercise place, let’s talk about how you can incorporate exercise into your daily routine, 5 minutes at a time. If you are interested in my specific suggestions, please read, “For Advanced Readers.”

For Advanced Readers

My Tips for Incorporating Exercise into Your Day

Be Prepared. If the exercise you love to do requires an exercise mat or any other equipment, have it handy and ready to use.

Exercise During Commercials. What if you just exercised during commercials? These days commercial segments are around 3-5 minutes long. Why don’t you use that time to do a yoga pose or stretches?

Make it Happen. What follows is a long list of activities you can do to make your body move. Don’t be overwhelmed by the following 38 ways to move your body. Go through the list and put a check mark by the ones that appeal to you. It shouldn’t be too hard to find a dozen that you can do most days. If the others don’t turn you on, then forget about them. That’s the beauty of having choices. All-in-all you end up saving time and money by not having to travel to or join a gym.

Start Simple. While I just suggested finding 12 of the 38 body moves that attract you, as I said earlier, you can start with one activity in the morning and one in the evening (while you are watching television). Then, when these exercises become a part of your daily routine, you can add two more.

The following suggestions come from Module 68 of my Completement Now Health Program. (The list is so complete, I just had to share it with my RnA Reset readers!:))

Morning Activities

Why sleep in when you can use those minutes to get your blood circulating and feel much better than stealing a few extra winks when the sun is already up? I find that I can’t sleep in. I go to bed at 9:30 pm and I wake at about 4:30 am. Once awake, it’s like the generator in my body starts revving up and I’m ready for action. If I force myself to sleep in, I end up feeling fuzzy-headed. Whereas, when I wake up early, I experience the sun tinting the clouds pink as a new day is born. Here are some easy movements you can do in the morning – repeat each individual exercise several times.

  • Take a morning walk.
  • Do some yoga stretches on your yoga mat.
  • Pull out your jump rope and go at it for a few minutes.
  • Jump on the mini trampoline in the corner.
  • Try a few arm push-ups with your hands on the bathroom sink as you contemplate the person looking across at you in the mirror.
  • Fit in a few mini squats while you swish your sesame oil or as you brush your teeth.
  • Even just rising on the balls of your feet and holding for a few seconds will help exercise your leg muscles.
  • While showering, do Progressive Muscle Relaxation from Module 57 where you tense and then relax various muscles in your body.
  • In the shower you can also do some neck stretches with the hot water running on your muscles to loosen them up.
  • When you pass by a convenient windowsill, do a runner’s stretch from Sensuous Stretching, Module 44, to release your calf and thigh muscles.
  • As you’re walking around your home be conscious of tightening your buttocks with each step.
  • Find excuses to run up and down the stairs. Make sure you breathe deeply and never unconsciously hold your breath.
Out on The Town
  • Don’t use drive-ins. Walk into the bank or restaurant.
  • At the gas station take a stroll inside to pay.
  • Give your arms some exercise by cleaning your windows with the squeegee at the pump.
  • When doing errands or going to work, park at a distance to get a few blocks of walking under your belt.
  • When you stop for red lights, stretch your neck, do some more Progressive Muscle Relaxation on your shoulders and thighs.
  • In the car, have a soft ball on hand that you can squeeze to exercise your hands and wrists when stuck in traffic.
  • For arm exercise, carry a shopping basket instead of pushing a cart in the grocery store.
  • While shopping, use cans and bottles as impromptu weights, doing a few curls before you pick up the next item. (You may start a fad.)
  • While waiting in lines (bank, grocery store, ATM machine) silently and under cover of your clothes, do some modified Stomach Vacuum exercises. Suck in your belly and tighten your abdominal muscles.
Working for Your Exercise

Who says you can’t work out at work? If you have some privacy and even if you don’t, a lot can be accomplished at work.

  • On the phone, you can stand up and do lunges or squats. Step forward and lunge. Or stand in one spot and do a squat.
  • You can also incorporate the stretching exercises from Sensuous Stretching, Module 44.
  • Do push-ups in your chair. With hands on the arms of your chair lift yourself up off your seat for a few seconds.
  • While sitting and working, rotate your ankles in both directions.
  • Remember to also do your eye exercises, look away from your screen for 10 seconds every 10 minutes.
  • Take every opportunity to walk around the office to speak to someone instead of phoning or sending an email.
  • Do arm circles every hour.
  • Every time you go to the rest room, do a series of jumping jacks, a few side stretches and toe touching.
  • Go for a walk during your lunch break.
Evening Exercises
  • Back home from work is another opportunity for a walk or even a bike ride around the neighborhood.
  • Bench press your laundry basket several times while carrying it to its final destination.
  • Put on the radio, pop in a CD or click on and perform some impromptu dancing. My favorite dancing song is “Move It Move It” by Will.I.Am who wrote it for the movie Madagascar 2.
  • While watching TV, remember what I said in Modules 20 and 24. Make the commercial breaks your personal exercise time.
  • Look for excuses to run up and down the stairs while doing chores.
  • Do a few side bend stretches before bedtime. It will start you yawning and get you ready for a deep sleep.
  • When I lie down in bed, I do knee hugging. Cross one leg over the other, wrap your hands around the outer leg and pull them both into your chest. This is an excellent stretch for your hips and it also tightens your abdominal muscles. Change sides.
  • Before I drift off to sleep, I do another stretch. I cross my knees and with my legs together let them flop to one side, then the other. I recross my knees and do it all over again.

Your Assignment

Now that we have established that you can restore the you that you love to see in the mirror through a nutrient-rich eating plan and exercise, I have an assignment for you. Pick one of the listed exercises to try for a week in the morning and another one for the evening. Incorporate these activities so that they are fun for you. Then, see how you feel in 7 days. If you feel any positive benefits from the exercises, then at the end of 7 days add two more exercises.


Now, that we have delved into the health benefits of exercise and how you can start incorporating it into your day, stay tuned for more tips on how to feel better and look like a million dollars. Again, if you are interested in the information mentioning the modules from the Completement Now Health Program, the link for a free trial of the program appears above.


Dr. Carolyn