All-Natural Strategies for Cold Season Carolyn Dean MD ND

Hour One – November 11, 2019
Hour Two – November 11, 2010

In natural medicine, we think of colds and flu as the body’s way of eliminating mucus. In Total Biology, colds and flu are evidence of resolution of conflict. The mucus builds up due to excessive eating or poor eating habits, lack of rest, overwork, temperature changes, conflict, worry or climate changes as in the fall and spring. To remedy this, eat wholesome foods and get enough rest. At the onset of seasonal weather changes, take hot and cold showers to acclimatize the skin. Short thirty-second blasts of cold will do.

If a cold or flu begins, take some time off, rest and heal. If you go to work, you bring your germs for others to share. If you take medications, you just put more toxins into your system and the drugs won’t really help because viruses, which are not killed by antibiotics, cause 90% of colds and flu. If anything, drugs suppress the condition and drive it deeper into your system, so it potentially can come back later in a more virulent form. Antibiotics also encourage the overgrowth of yeast, which causes more problems.

Make sure to have these health assets on hand for this upcoming cold and flu season:

1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Water, juice, tea, clear broth are all ways to prevent dehydration and loosen congestion.

2. You can use homeopathic Oscillococcinum at the first signs of a cold or flu. Some people use it when they travel, are in crowds, or throughout the flu season on a weekly basis.

3. Whole C ReSet: Dosage: 1,000 mg every 1-2 hours while awake can cut the duration of a cold or flu by several days.

4. Zinc: Saturation doses of ReMyte for more than 30 days may have sufficiently saturated your body with zinc. You can also add zinc lozenge for an extra boost.

5. Garlic: Place a small clove or half a clove of garlic in your mouth and let it sit in your mouth, without chewing, through the day and night. Swallow with water when it becomes macerated and replace. Stop if the inside of your mouth becomes irritated.

6. Drink Sage tea for cough (steep twenty minutes).

7. Drink Fenugreek tea for mucus (steep five minutes).

8. Use Wild Oregano oil, Garlic, or Echinacea herbal antibiotics as tincture, tablets, or teas at least three times a day.

9. Mullein and Lobelia are for chest congestion, 1/2 teaspoon each in hot water three times a day. These herbs can also be used as a chest poultice for pleurisy, pneumonia, or bronchitis.

10. Detox: Use Clay Detox Baths. Start with the “Natural Clay.” Blend up 1/4 to 1/2 cup of clay in your blender with 32oz of water and pour that into your hot water foot bath or tub. Soak for 30 min and shower off.

Of course, if you have a painful sore throat or a cough, phone your doctor for a throat swab or sputum culture to see if you have a bacterial and not a viral infection. If you must take antibiotics, always eat plain, unsweetened organic yogurt or take probiotic capsules. 

Tonight on our internet based radio show, we’ll be talking with Dr. Carolyn Dean about how to Prepare for Cold and Flu Season along with a wide range of health topics and safe solutions. You will love hearing the beneficial interactions with our callers and hosts alike including the body/mind connection, identifying the ‘conflict’ in the ‘conflict basis’ of disease and much more!!

SO…be sure join us this evening for another wonderful, information-packed broadcast. If you yourself are unable to make the show, you have the option to email me [Ginney] and have your question or comment included in our MailBag Segment that is featured in Hour Two. Remember, the valuable information, suggestions, and insights about your health choices can always be discussed with your doctor, should you choose to do so.

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