Should I Quit Taking Magnesium When I Feel Better? Carolyn Dean MD ND

Did you know your body requires a daily intake of magnesium for proper detoxification of your cells? It’s one of the most beneficial effects of daily magnesium supplementation!

Magnesium is a foundational nutrient on which detoxification systems depend for their function.  Without proper magnesium levels in the body, natural minerals like calcium can accumulate within your cells because magnesium deficiency causes cells to lose the ability to maintain normal mineral concentrations and exhibit toxic effects. The health of detoxification systems also is critical because of exposure to environmental contaminants, synthetic chemicals, and pollution is a reality in our industrial world.

Magnesium is one of the best weapons in your arsenal against chemical toxicity but sometimes people report they actually STOP taking magnesium as a dietary supplement when they feel better thinking that they don’t need it any more when in reality the opposite is the case.

Detoxification is performed every minute of every day by our various organs in an orchestration worthy of Carnegie Hall! It’a true – cellular detoxification is a normal body function that leads to increased wellness. The body is a genius at self-healing and self-cleaning until we mess it up. We can assist what the body already knows how to do way better than we know and we assist by keeping the body properly equipped with a healthy supply of building block nutrients to get the job done.

For example, magnesium’s major role in the production of energy (as ATP) puts magnesium at the top of the list when it comes to detox! After all, ATP provides your cells with the energy they require for pumping out toxins before, during, and after they accumulate.

Another aspect of magnesium’s role in detox is its impact on metals including aluminum, mercury, lead, cadmium, beryllium, and nickel.

Maintaining sufficient levels of magnesium supports the body’s efforts to detoxify metals whether for day-to-day heavy metal detox (in order to prevent accumulation within cells), or when levels of metals have become extremely high (as in heavy metal poisoning) due to chronic or acute exposure. Lead and cadmium are known to exert cumulative toxic effects on the heart and kidneys. Due to lead’s high toxicity, in cases of exposure lead detox is imperative. Magnesium appears to competitively inhibit uptake of both metals, especially when they are found together. One study found that increased intake of magnesium facilitates the elimination of lead and cadmium through urinary excretion.

Finally, magnesium plays a significant role in supporting the body’s antioxidant systems. An important aspect of detoxification with respect to antioxidant status is that magnesium helps prevent the accumulation of oxidative by-products within tissues.

It is known that magnesium deficiency causes accumulation of oxidative products in the liver, kidney, skeletal muscles tissues, and red blood cells. When antioxidant systems fail to function properly, increased free-radical activity creates oxidative products that damage tissues and cells, and can significantly reduce their function. By supporting optimal antioxidant activity within the body, magnesium helps reduce free-radical damage and thereby lessens harmful effects related to an excessive activity of oxygen radical species.

With all that activity happening from second-to-second, minute-to-minute, hour-to-hour the last thing you want to do on any given day is limit your intake of magnesium!

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  1. Hi there I watch or listen to your shows almost every day for months now but I don’t see the link here
    Thank you for all you do really appreciate all this good information I got a lot of my friends on it to now
    God bless

    • Hi, Kris – Dr. Dean ended up canceling this show so we didn’t do the recording – she was traveling and missed her connection! But we’ll repeat the topic after the first of the year and notify you when we do! XO

  2. Hello wonderful team ,thankyou for all the info, l am Yvonne from Aussie l would love to hear dr dean,s radio show’s keep missing because of time factor .I have had my gall bladder out ,a long time ago ,l am wanting to take k2 is it true l have to take another vitamin , as well ,otherwise k2 will not work .l look forward to comment. Fond regard,s Yvonne Whitlock

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