Total Body ReSet for Athletes – Carolyn Dean MD ND

No pain, no gain is the mantra of most athletes – professional, CrossFit, or weekend warriors – and even those who infrequently visit fitness clubs and local gyms. But is it an effective strategy? No. It’s actually a self-defeating strategy because when your muscles are engaged in strenuous physical exercise, if there is too little magnesium (which causes muscle relaxation), muscle cramps and a buildup of lactic acid can result. Because everyone thinks pain during heavy exercise is inevitable, nobody has looked at how to prevent it from happening. And it can be prevented.

Total Body ReSet for Athletes is a guidebook for health recovery and maintenance for athletes of all ages and levels of endeavor. Written by Dr. Carolyn Dean you find it’s pages packed with wisdom and practical advice.

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  1. Dr Carolyn Dean and Ginney. This is Frado Lopiccolo. Long time consumer of your wonderful products.
    My family and I all use your products which give us the nutrition our workout/exercise bodies need and require.
    I have a troubling circumstance on my mind. I’m slated to undergo dual illingual hernia surgery this coming March 5th, 2020. I’m terrified knowing that I will be exposed to a hospital environment and all the bugs/infections, viruses and other various kooties that linger. I’m also terrified knowing my body and Brain will be subject to Anastasia and some form of antibiotics I will be given to prevent infection do to surgery.
    Please tell me what products of yours I need to be taking to assist my body that will be going through what it is about to?
    Thank you for all that you do for me Dr Carolyn Dean and Finney!

    God bless

    Frado Lopiccolo

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