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Hour One – June 22, 2020
Hour Two – June 22, 2020

I have been saying for many years that people should be able to obtain their mineral requirements from food. A quick glance at nature will reveal a glorious presentation of minerals and corresponding vitamins packed in beautiful packages full of fiber and other essential digestive supports. Unfortunately, we are all becoming painfully aware that depleted soils and food processing has left much of our food depleted of these essential nutrients.

The role of minerals in the body’s performance is well documented and the deficiency of minerals in health has caused many scientists, doctors, and researchers to warn the public of their concerns:

  • Recently zinc deficiency has come to the forefront of the public mind as it is an indicator for COVID 19 symptoms [loss of taste and smell] – and, reciprocally, zinc has been added as part of the COVID treatment protocol in hospitals around the world*.
  • The Linus Pauling Institute reports that “Potassium is considered to be a ‘nutrient of public health concern’ according to the 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans since its under consumption in the U.S. population is associated with adverse health effects.”
  • Cardiovascular researchers Dr. James DiNicolantino, et. al declared subclinical magnesium deficiency a principal driver of cardiovascular disease and a public health crisis [2018]
  • Iodine deficiency is still considered a global health crisis. Iodine is needed for the proper function of the thyroid and requires 8 additional minerals, in their proper ratios, in order to serve the thyroid properly.
  • In 2017 I issued a Call to Action for the health care community declaring magnesium deficiency a public health crisis citing 65 different health conditions that have magnesium deficiency at their epicenter. 

Still, and to this day, the public gets mixed messages from doctors and hospitals about the importance of minerals. Widespread mineral deficiencies are often treated with drugs not minerals and if that seems counter-intuitive, well, it is.

In addition to ignoring the consistent, daily requirement for proper mineralization, many health care practitioners are quick to overlook the effects of dehydration. For example, a dehydrated body is a sick body yet diuretic drugs are still the first treatment of choice for newly diagnosed hypertension. A properly calibrated daily intake of magnesium and potassium along with an infusion of clear, clean sea-salted water is the body’s natural design for balanced blood pressure and is beneficial for all systems in the body.

Yes, I love minerals because the body loves minerals and I am committed to educating one and all about their elegant, beneficial nature.

*Although tonight’s topic does include the benefits of zinc, please note there are currently no vaccines or drugs or dietary supplements approved to treat or prevent COVID-19. Although there are investigational COVID-19 vaccines and treatments under development, these investigational products are in the early stages of product development and have not yet been fully tested for safety or effectiveness.

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  1. I am loving minerals too. Using the Remyte and Remag. I wanted to share Dr Dean that recovering from Covid 8 weeks out I started to get an eye twitch under my eye that lasted 4 days. I’m taking my magnesium but I’m thinking my increased caffeine consumption might be zapping my magnesium levels. I woke up this morning and thought—-use the magnesium lotion. So I dabbed a small amount on the area and left it for an hour. I forgot about it and went about my morning. An hour or so later I looked and the twitching stopped! Its now the evening and its still gone. I’m so happy. Magnesium to the rescue. So yes I have upped my Remag in my water bottle. I’m going to wean myself off the coffee. I’m going to try some green tea and see if I’m ok with that. So my eye twitching is now gone and magnesium solved it. I just wanted to share with you. Thank you Dr Dean. Aloha from Southern California.

  2. Hello Margaret! So thrilled for you! Thank you so much for your good words – and, again, we are thrilled for you and your husband. Much love!

  3. The body is designed with minerals and hormones, I’m learning a ton from Dr Dean’s program and I’m shouting out to the team of awesome workers involved, hurrah hurray!!!
    Thank you all for your diligence and Dr. Dean for not heeding the mainstream medical protocol, I commend you always to everyone I know.
    Since beginning the RNA RESET protocol my body feels so alive again. For years (20) ice suffered chronic diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, brain fog causing much cognitive decline.
    Things have improved much in 4- 5 years of taking all 5 of the package deal. I’ve lost 75 pounds and 10 sizes down, my inflammation decreased immensely (no longer rheumatism) even my shoes were to big. My bloodwork has improved but I’ve still got some work to do before everything comes to a wholeness.
    My question to Dr Dean is that I’ve recently developed prolapse and some tight hips and lower back pain due to tightness. Aside from meditation and stretching what can I be missing in my supplements?
    Will be listening tonight’s show and looking forward to it too!

    Keep up the excellent work everyone. Thanks Ginney for all you do to get us on the blog information!
    Erin Hunter

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