Total Body ReSet for Women

Women are often the parent that brings their kids or their own parents to the doctor and in moving them through their infant, toddler and pre-school stages they must navigate the maze of allopathic medicine, while building the natural immunity and physical reliance that nature offers.


Women are defined by nature. Women cycle with nature, and as such we may be more tuned in to natural prescriptions and somewhat at odds with the assertion that women should put institutionalize medicine [drugs and devices] before their own commonsense and physical rhythms.

As women transition from their reproductive years to the post-menopause years, they have the opportunity to experience a new sense of self-awareness and completion, wisdom and fulfillment that includes an opportunity for robust health and longevity. 

Through the course of reading this book we hope to remind women of their innate ability to listen to their bodies, to heal, and to reset their connection to nature for themselves and their families.

Listen to the Audio Book Premiere

Book Premiere – Hour One
Book Premiere – Hour Two

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