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Atrial Fibrillation – ReMineralize with Magnesium — Carolyn Dean MD ND

Atrial Fibrillation: Remineralize Your Heart , the newest book from Carolyn Dean MD ND, is flying off the shelves – or should I say being downloaded every minute – and is already demonstrating the willingness […]

MisInformation Mayhem — Carolyn Dean MD ND

Tonight’s radio show provides a variety of observations about how mis-information and fear mongering can cause individuals to to be dazed and confused, paralyzed, panic and even spend way to much money […]

Magnesium, Minerals, Miracles and More — Dr. Carolyn Dean

If you were to list today’s leading chronic diseases, heart disease (angina, high blood pressure, and elevated cholesterol) along with diabetes, osteoporosis, depression, generalized inflammation, and toxicity are found at top. ReMag […]

Healthy, Happier Hearts — Carolyn Dean MD ND Radio Archive

Cardiovascular disease includes heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure. It’s the number one killer of men and women in the U.S., and the leading cause of disability that prevents Americans from […]

Upward Spirals of Wellness – Dr. Carolyn Dean

There can be a vicious downward spiral of symptoms, treatments, misdiagnosis, and then more medicine prescribed to no avail that leaves people feeling depressed, dejected and dis-eased but rather than rehashing these […]

Birds of a Feather Achieve Goals Together – Dr. Carolyn Dean

“There IS a way to achieve your happiness and health goals”, said Kerry Tepedino to Dr. Carolyn Dean on today’s weekly radio broadcast. Kerry is the organizer of the Global Health Summit, a great symposium […]

How to Spell Relief “Re-Mag” – Carolyn Dean MD ND

It’s a common saying on our radio show – you don’t have such and such disease…you just have magnesium deficiency! And, it certainly makes sense if you just consider this: researchers have […]