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Using Minerals to Boost the Body’s Response to Surgery

Using Minerals to Boost the Body’s Response to Surgery and Improve Recovery Times. Having surgery or know someone who is? Tonight’s show is a great primer for folks who are preparing their body […]

Toxicity and The Completement Formulas 9-29-2014 Archive

Dextoxing the Completement Formula Way – suggested use for individuals with extreme toxicity or chronic conditions who want to use the Completement Formulas, Carolyn outlines her suggestions for using the products. ALSO […]

Happy Anniversary Times Two

Presentation: It’s the “Dr. Carolyn Dean LIVE” two year anniversary show featuring clips from previously recorded programs. Join Carolyn and Ginney as they review highlights of highly popular segments and a wide […]

Everybody Wins! Integrative Medicine Award

Presentation:  Awesome outcomes for both doctor and subscribers as Dr. Dean’s expertise and practical solutions for health and well-being are being recognized by the medical community as well as consumers around the […]

Heart Health – Deconstructing Heart Supplements 9-2-14

Presentation:  Dr. Dean deconstructs some popular heart supplements to show our listening audience how to ‘discern’ the quantity, value and effectiveness of commonly recommended heart supplements. ALSO:  Dealing with severe insomnia, Total […]

Dr Carolyn Dean Radio Archive 8-25-14 Hour 2

Presentation: It’s the A-Fib freedom hour!  Great testimonials and information from folks who are achieving the freedom to deal with their A-Fib symptoms through natural modalities.  1:09 Phone call area 479. Carolyn, […]

Dr Carolyn Dean Radio Archive 8-25-14 Hour 1

Presentation: A night of amazing individuals taking their power back from corporate medicine and disconnected doctors to heal their bodies using natural modalities. Also, a review of current blogs including Magnesium Absorption […]

Dr Carolyn Dean Radio Archives 8-18-14 Hour 2

Presentation: Progress, progress, progress! Callers phone in to share their progress on the formulas and how fantastic it is to recover their health, dexterity, and activity levels without experiencing fatigue, discomfort, or […]