Dr. Carolyn Dean Radio Archive 9-26-2012

Discussion: 97% Junk DNA and Non-Coding RNA Reawakens. Also, Cerebral Palsy symptoms noticeably diminished as well as other topics including: 5:03 – How to use ReAline 9:39 – What Carolyn has noticed […]

How Magnesium Functions in the Body

Dr. Carolyn Dean describes magnesium’s role in the body and why you need it in conjunction with other minerals. She also explains why many people are deficient in magnesium and what that […]


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Vera – Stress and Anxiety Relief

Vera from Ohio wishes the drops were around 35 years ago and swears that RnA Drops are the “cure for anxiety and stress disorders”.


Gregg – Skiing Like A Young Man

Gregg started taking RnA Drops when it first became available and has since stopped using any other supplements or vitamins. In this testimony, Gregg focuses on his experience snow skiing with his 15 year old son.

Charting My Success – Candi’s Testimonial

Candi uses her first 10 days of RnA Drops usage to chart her success and progress. An excellent idea for all new Completement Formula customers.