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Magnesium and Minerals: Building Blocks to Cellular Health

Good and poor health is determined at the level of the millions of cells making up the human body. Magnesium, vitamins, amino acids and minerals are needed for the thousands of biochemical […]

Active After 60 – Nutrients for Older Adults – Carolyn Dean MD ND

Under-active over 60? Suffering from health complications including weakened immune systems, lowered energy levels or even chronic health problems such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and osteoporosis? Making changes […]

Getting and Staying Optimal – Radio Archive 12-8-14

The World Health Organization defines health as “A State of OPTIMAL WELL-BEING, not merely the absence of illness or disease.” From Dr. Carolyn Dean’s perspective, optimal well-being requires a balance between body, […]

Chronic Disease in the USA – Dr. Carolyn Dean LIVE

The Center for Disease Control [CDC] reports today 117 million people in the US suffer with a chronic disease yet according to David Templeton of the Post-Gazette people may have only required nothing […]

Magnesium Miracles Continue – Lifelong Anxiety Disappears 11-3-14 Archive

Rewiring the brain’s electrical systems can and will happen with the proper use of magnesium PLUS an exceptional exchange with a live caller on how to use minerals to boost the body’s […]

Information from Autoimmune Testimonials 4-7-14 Radio Archive Hour 2

Presentation: Autoimmune Diseases, Yeast, and Completement Products – Dr. Carolyn Dean Live 4-7-14-2 1:40 Comparison of ReMag and Calm; Magnesium for Sleeplessness; ReNew, Warts, and Autoimmunity 9:56 How to find out if […]

Happy Anniversary Times Two

Presentation: It’s the “Dr. Carolyn Dean LIVE” two year anniversary show featuring clips from previously recorded programs. Join Carolyn and Ginney as they review highlights of highly popular segments and a wide […]